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Paint colour cues for 2010 - contrast, colour and contradiction

From the What's New archive - August 2010...

Resene's The Range 2010 colours

Contrast and contradiction drive the latest colour trends showcased in The Range 2010 - bringing old and new together, blending layers, textures and the combining of new and old colours in unique combinations. A transeasonal palette, cool colours are drawn into warm environments while warm colours often find themselves in cooler environments.

The strong push for sustainability as a collective effort has evolved to become a personal responsibility for each of us, shifting the focus of the green palette as we combine our lifestyles with more sustainable living rather than just sustainable living defining lifestyle. Caring for the environment has become embedded in our culture and the way we do and think about things - a part of our daily lives - challenging preconceived ideas of what is truly ‘green'. This underscores a move away from basic earthiness towards the warmth and comfort of copper browns, such as Resene Desperado, a shift from gold towards yellows, such as Resene Ipanema, while healthy oranges and pinks, such as Resene Daredevil and Resene Vibe, pack some punch. A fusion of warmth with the green palette sees brown enhanced golds, such as Resene Hot Toddy, warmed yellow greens, such as Resene Kombi, and rich dusty greens, such as Resene Rutherford, growing in popularity.

A sprinkling of yellow greens with fresh and acidic undertones, such as Resene First Light and Resene Poprock, is remindful of fresh spring foliage and the energy of youth.


Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Paint Colour
Resene Desperado Resene Ipanema Resene Daredevil Resene Vibe Resene Hot Toddy
Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch  
Resene Kombi Resene Rutherford Resene First Light Resene Poprock  

There is a misty soft and thoughtful cast over sectors of the green and blue palette, with frosted, pale aquatic colours, such as Resene Glacier and Resene Comfort Zone. The soft focus hints of subtle depths and lends a sense of ethereality. The feeling is cool, dominated by blues with additions of pale greens, such as Resene Reservoir and Resene Kandinsky, and soft putty hues, such as Resene Fleetwood and Resene Miso, for a complete look. Blues are softened and diluted, moving away from strong nautical influenced shades to hues reflecting the freshwater aquatic. Frosted glass and Perspex reinforce the misty feeling of these ghost colours. The increasing prevalence of blues in the palette reflects their growing popularity. Ambiguous colours, such as Resene Maestro and Resene Patriot, difficult to place in a single colour palette cross the line between blue and green.

Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Paint Colour
Resene Glacier Resene Comfort Zone Resene Reservoir Resene Kandinsky Resene Fleetwood
Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch    
Resene Miso Resene Maestro Resene Patriot    

Uncertain times surround us and as we enter a new decade this also has a major bearing on the palette. Paring back the complications of our lives, increasing focus is being placed on the luxury of well-being and healthy living, investing time and effort in connecting with nature and enjoying the simpler pleasures of life. Natural materials are becoming increasingly popular and the art of the backyard vegetable garden is experiencing a resurge in interest as people look to grow their own, free of high prices and unwanted chemicals.

Escape remains top of mind. With the complications of busy modern lifestyles and the concerns of the economy and the environment we yearn to escape our daily routine. This escape is made possible with refreshing and dynamic colour inspired by exotic places and flowers. Hot reds, such as Resene Jalapeno and Resene Del Toro, meet rust and exotic oranges such as Resene Vindaloo and Resene Ayers Rock, all providing strong punctuation. With information overload, the need for simplicity is being seen as vital heralding in the emotional era of definite likes and dislikes enabling us to make strong choices, including strong colour selections. Creating our own hideaways from the busy world, these spaces span uplifting through to relaxing atmospheres, but all collectively slow down the pace of life.

Strong vibrant colours, such as Resene Pulse and Resene Pursuit, encourage risk taking. Their strength is optimistic and invigorating.

Resene Jalapeno Resene Del Toro Resene Vindaloo Resene Ayers Rock Resene Pulse Resene Pursuit

We are becoming increasingly sophisticated in our tastes with a growing appreciation for quality and luxury. We may be buying less in response to the economical and ecological environment, but when we buy we buy quality and reputable brands, and when we choose colour, we do so with meaningful intent.

The mysterious hues of taupe, such as Resene Perfect Taupe, continue to strengthen as a key anchoring neutral as interior neutrals start to trend away from cooler grey tones. Taupe has many subtle nuances; a colour that tends to defy precise description because of its ability to adapt to other colours and influencers in the space it is used. Browns, such as Resene Stonewashed and Resene Half Pravda, are softening towards taupe.

Neutrals are a no colour blank canvas from which to build up the textures, layering and colour that will create the final effect. The neutrals, such as Resene Barely There and Resene Thorndon Cream, straddle the gap between the anchoring safer hues and the stronger accent colours.

Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Paint Colour
Resene Perfect Taupe Resene Stonewashed Resene Half Pravda Resene Barely There Resene Thorndon Cream

Soft beiges and nuances of cream and nude are reminiscent of human skin tones, soothing to the senses.

Black, such as Resene Blackjack and Resene Blackout, and white, such as Resene White Thunder and Resene Whiteout, are stark contrasts while metallic greys play off against exotic purples. An intriguing lack of colour in each hue, but in combination the contrast brings out the colour.

Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch Resene Colour Swatch
Resene Blackjack Resene Blackout Resene White Thunder Resene Whiteout

With the explosion of the internet and digital technologies, we are getting used to having everything right here, right now no matter when. This allows us to gather up inspiration, ideas and objects from a myriad of places reinforcing the individualism and eclecticism that is becoming more prevalent. The ability to personalise a wide range of objects means that even in mainstream choices we can still stamp our own personality. Paint provides the freedom to explore this individuality further with unlimited options to combine colours, patterns, textures and sheens until a truly unique atmosphere has been created.

Contrast, colour and contradiction - it's all here in The Range 2010. The Range 2010 fandeck is available from Resene ColorShops and Resellers nationwide or order online.

The Range 2010 colours are available in your favourite colour tools including Resene testpots, A4 drawdowns and self-adhesives, plus colour pencil and RGB formulations available online or from your Resene representative.

AutoCAD and ArchiCAD electronic colour files are also available online.

Colour Cues for 2010

Download Resene colour cues for 2010 brochure (PDF). You will need Acrobat Reader to read the stories.


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