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Paint colour cues for 2006

From the What's New archive - August 2006

Connecting is the new catch phrase as we emerge from the cocoon - coming out of the shells we have built to protect ourselves to reach out to others and draw them into our world.

The Range 2006

Emotion is back in fashion, underpinning our decision making, our loves, our likes, our hates and our colour scheme selections. Colour helps us express attitude, uplifting us in our daily routines whether it be the bold feature wall or the quirky coloured refrigerator.

The human eye is delightfully dexterous, able to identify and adapt quickly to minute fluctuations in colour and light. Colour combinations are not about capturing one hue with precision but about combining shades and tones to achieve balance, atmosphere and complete aesthetic appeal. It's about colours surprising the senses, fresh and luxurious, grabbing attention without aggression, being eye catching without being loud. Playful combinations of seemingly wild selections acting as the fantasy to complement more sustainable hues. Intense hues redefining themselves from scattered accents to the dominant room colour.

Immersed in colour, improved technology and communication have hastened the rate colour jumps from fashion to furnishings with the colours we wear and see on the surfaces surrounding us moving in synchronisation.

A desire for more relaxed living sees colours lighten, easy to live with pastels becoming popular, such as Resene Anticipation.

After a hot flush of pink racing through the stores, the shocking brights are going pastel turning to coral pinks and tea rose pinks in the commercial market. Reds remain but remain overshadowed by pink and orange developments, such as Resene Lip Service, Resene Alter Ego and Resene Whizz Bang.

Departing from orange, brown is becoming cleaner with a stronger Eastern influence, such as Resene Desperado. Rich and classic the versatility of brown makes it a popular decorating choice, albeit one that is likely to slip from the trends in coming years and be replaced by greens. Greens will be darker and more saturated than predecessors and will edge towards mints, such as Resene Paradise, and away from acidic hues. Dark bittersweet chocolate is edging towards the new dark neutral of choice, though intense black is holding its ground as an anchor in monochromaticity. Browns mixed with persimmons and fern greens for the eco look or vibrant blues and reds for invigoration remain popular. For the more tempered tastes, clay orange, cream, soft blue and brown is comfortable.

Oranges are freshened with metallics, red undertones removed. Moving into new peaches, such as Resene Joie De Vivre, with a fresh new flavour. Orange influences the yellow family with egg yolk finding favour among younger consumers. Supercharged with energy, such as Resene Bite Me, yellows are exciting, inspiring and uplifting

Blue infused greens, new teals greener than aqua, such as Resene Beatnik, gain momentum bringing in the botanical, organic edge. Easy to blend with a wide array of colours, blue greens feel distinctively different because of their recent absence from colour trends. Eco-consciousness and health awareness continues to underpin the strength of green. European influences move the blue family away from cold, light and icy into clean, confident, invigorating variants, such as Resene Endorphin and Resene Optimist. While few in number, new purples, such as Resene Fandango, are spiritually healing, a source of comfort.

The popular new palette pairing of soft yellow greens with fresh softened aquas, pinks and pale yellows reminiscent of outdoor picnics embraces the trend to connectivity, welcoming in the new vogue of home entertainment. Definitely feminine, this colour story is sophisticated and delicate.

A new direction in special effects - whitened metallics, seen in hues such as Resene Glitterati and Resene Metro, offers a multi-dimensional finish to tone with new pastels yet be equally at home with fresh mid and deep tones without dominating the feel of the space.

Natural neutrals remain a safe choice with new monochromatic whites and fresh greys, such Resene Freestyling and Resene Trojan, expanding the selection of neutrals. Contemporary black and white will often be seen teamed with pale yellows.

Such is the cyclical nature of colour, hues of the past such as buttery yellows and petal pinks will sneak back into the trends momentarily before the trends once again cycle forward. The palette is warmed with undertones of green and yellow and accented by punchy hues such as bright reds, intense light blues, acidic yellows and touches of shrieking violet.

Furnishings with multiple functions gain popularity - aesthetic appeal crossed with practicality encourages style with built in functionality. Feng Shui is joined by its Indian counterpart Vastu, as a new guideline for creating a peaceful, harmonious space.

Whether young or old, colour is not about age, it's about emotion. Many colours now transcend the age groups appealing in different applications to the masses.

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