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Paint colour cues for 2005

From the What's New archive - August 2005

Choice, choice and more choice. No longer content to simply run with the dominant trends, we are all interpreting the trends in our own unique manner.

The Range 2005, colours from Resene Paints issued in 2005.

As savvy consumers we are seeking options, personalised to our own tastes, our own lifestyle, our own moods. This personalisation has resulted in an explosion of colour and finish options that may be mixed and matched in an infinite array of combinations to create something truly personal, truly unique.

The Range 2005 collection encourages this personal interpretation offering suggested combinations on the back of each chip as starting points for blending the trends presented to suit your style. Colour is more powerful than most of us comprehend. We are surrounded by it and our moods and behaviours are influenced by it every day in everything that we do. Colour is a tool available to all of us.

Lifestyle is driving colour and design, underpinned by a focus on healthier lives and the importance of the home as a source of security, a base for entertaining and for many, a source of income. This need for multi-functionality drives home layout and colour selection to suit the spaces and feeling required in each, whether convivial in entertaining areas and trustworthy and honest in work spaces. Disease and terrorism are encouraging many to stay close to home, driving the popularity of Pacific hues of blues and greens in favour of the generally warmer European trends.

Metallics and pearlescents, such as Resene Quicksilver and Resene Vault, remain popular but are becoming standard decorating options combined with solid hues, rather than options only for the brave at heart. Bright clean metallics give way to antiqued metallics such as zinc and pewter. Careful touches of these effects finishes adds dimension without dominating the room. Solid colour hues take on new depths softening to suggest inner light. Coloured lighting offers immediate colour change with the flick of a switch. Often combined with metallic finishes, the coloured lighting plays on the metallic flakes and other light sources to create an everchanging finish.

With the world growing ever unpredictable, seemingly trivial touches are capturing our imaginations - whether the subtle glint of a metallic flake, the deep red undertone of our favourite blue or the subtle combination or two finishes - we are learning to appreciate the fine details of the elements we see around us. Heralded as a new sensitivity, our imaginations and emotions are opening up new fantasy worlds. Sensitivity and sensuality are not new concepts, but are becoming increasingly mainstream. Rules are relaxed, boundaries blurred - the rule, if any, is to simply choose elements that suit you, your style, elements that you love. This relaxed environment sees unexpected combinations of hues and materials - sometimes stunning, sometimes strange, but always personalised. Edging toward cleaner, clearer hues than the 2004 palette, evolutionary colour redefining classics.

Colour perception of necessity varies from individual to individual being purely the way one views reflected light. The experience of a highly colour aware individual will be vastly different from one whom is colour blind. This variation ensures that all of our experiences with colour are unique to ourselves and cannot be wronged by the perceptions of others, as they may not be seeing it as we ourselves do.

Pinks, traditionally scarcely used in Australasia, are a popular means of portraying optimism. Typically embued with warm undertones, pinks, such as Resene Cabaret, are best used in small doses or in cooler rooms to avoid perceptions of raised temperatures in already sun-dosed rooms. Purples are gently waning, with remaining hues, such as Resene Dotcom, being complex rather than clean and bright. Taupes find themselves substituted by mushrooms and greyed lilacs.

Copper and spiced hues continue from previous The Range collections in colours such as Resene Rust and Resene Moroccan Spice, cementing their importance as a means of adding a tangy edge to schemes.

Chocolate and coffee brown hues emerge signifying stability and comfort. Anchoring and dependable, browns, such as Resene Caffeine and Resene Barista, are a versatile solid base for neutrals and brights and are starting to cast their influence over developing hues.

Yellows move away from the purely bright sun yellows of the past to be merged with neutrals. Gold touched with copper, yellowed neutrals - sheer, warm and full of inner shine. Yellows, particularly citrus based hues, while still not dominant are making a new entrance following a subtle presence in 2004 and are influencing the orange palette moving it away from the 2004 coppers.

Blues continue to be popular, whether watery, atmospheric or dependable. Tending towards a red edge to give a warm undertone or flowing towards airy atmospheric blues, the pure honesty of blue appeals to a wide range of tastes. Whether dark or light, we place our trust in increasingly complex blues, such as Resene True Blue and Resene Breakwater, to calm and relax the tensest situations. Most greener blues have become green.

To tone with the red edged blues, reds, such as Resene Pirate, are soaking in blue undertones. Reds are predominantly finding their way into schemes as one element rather than the bulk of the scheme, softened with sophisticated combinations of neutrals or cooled complex hues. Reds range from burnished roses to coral hues melding into the orange palette where melon and burnt copper with peach tints re-emerge.

Whites, neutrals and greys are responsible, the essential backbone of scheme development. Greys range from deepest charcoals through to weathered and atmospheric greys and hues of molten metals, such as Resene Jimmy Dean and Resene White Metal. Neutrals touch on cool and warm and include new flesh tones, a safe option to anchor a scheme or be the scheme. Complexity encourages a chameleon like nature, allowing the same neutral to change to suit the hues it is teamed with. Green edged greys, charcoals with chocolate undertones and champagne whites dominate the new neutrals that are warm.

Drawn from its grounding role in Mother Nature, green continues as the new neutral - grounding, optimistic, regenerative, vital - an asexual colour that moves through soft neutrals to dark olives and citrus tones such as Resene Middle Earth and Resene Hermitage, to provide balance.

2005 colours are affected by the human response, adding spirituality and refreshing, rejuvenating and cleansing the palette. Deep yearnings for desire comfort, stability and security are balanced by desires for optimistic hues to lift spirits. Colours continue to be infused with multi-tones enabling them to transcend from one colour group to another as adjacent colours change.

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