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Paint colour cues for 2003

From the What's New archive - August 2003...

Building on the success of previous Ranges, Resene has just released The Range 2003 - a collection of 150 classic and contemporary colours and 5 metallic and textured specialist finishes designed for the year 2003. The Range 2003 is based on international colour predictions that are tailored to suit the New Zealand lifestyle and environment.

The Range 2003

The Range 2003 is a fusion of complex colour opposites. Out of the box thinking gives a paradoxical mix of evolved favourites mixed with new uplifting energetic full chroma hues demanded by the young at heart.

Colour trends focus on developing a soft human connection to offset the increasing invasion of sleek technology. Blending extremes of technology with nature, and retro with contemporary, provides balance. Edgy fashion is teaching us to be brave in our colour choices to develop seemingly incongruous schemes through the use of dramatically different colours.

Colour has become multi-dimensional with the increasing prevalence of pearlescents, metallics and texture. Finish and colour have become inseparable. The fashion/technology connection is encouraging the return to luxurious materials to create an air of elegant sophistication. Materials and colours are blended so that the texture, pattern and colour are virtually indistinguishable from one another. The finish is increasingly being viewed as a complete entity, rather than just pieces of a disparate puzzle.

Like clothing, the concept of monochromatic layering is becoming popular. Whether layering metallics or paint effects over a standard decorative paint or a textured basecoat, consumers are yearning to create their own unique yet soft look. Texture is the key driver of the finished layered look, with colour playing the ever important supporting role.

Light influences our perception of colour. Pearlescent translucence and transparency allows colour to radiate from within. The influence of orange sees bronze, such as Resene Bullion, and copper, such as Resene Copper Fire, becoming popular.

Cultural diversity is represented by the presence of spicy colours, such as Resene Moroccan Spice, from exotic lands.

Fluid motion prevails. Nature continues to inspire colour direction but the focus has moved from earth bound colours to greens and blues. Whether watery, atmospheric or dependable, blues are invigorating yet familiar. Watery blues signify a desire for calm translucency. These 'barely there' blues include Resene Zumthor and Resene Scandal. Aquatic inspired green-blues, such as Resene Retro, hint of retro overtones complemented by the extension of the blue palette into floating airy hues, such as Resene Oxygen. Continuing from 2002 are the deepwater marine blues such as Resene Tarawera. Greens are being seen as increasingly attractive.

With complicated work schedules, leisure time is focused on maximum fun, maximum refreshment. A splash of fun, playful brights in between restful neutrals provides much needed breathing space. Strong primaries are discarded in favour of their more complex counterparts giving new twists on old favourites.

Yellows blur into orange and include a full range of burnt mustards, bright buttery yellows and rich muddy creams. Colours such as Resene Lusty shift between red and orange, resulting in intriguing ambiguity.

Sophisticated browns, such as Resene Cowboy, offer an urban yet natural bridge between deep reds and the ever-classic black. Resene Nero, an inky blue black, is swiftly becoming the modern substitute for pure black.

The satiating fusion of colour and finish in The Range 2003 offers something to all decorators. Whether an enduring transformation or a short-term extravagance, the painted surface is a versatile living canvas for you to grow and develop your colour desires.

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