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Resene Total Colour Pastes are the heart of the Resene Total Colour System. A range of pastes designed for use with various paint systems; commonality is designed into each range using, wherever feasible, common levels of identical pigments so that a single colour formulations database can cover the range of tinting systems.

Pigments used are of the highest quality. The pastes have been formulated with the highest practical level of pigmentation, allowing high colour development at relativity low addition rates.

The pastes are volumetrically calibrated for use in dispensing equipment but can be converted to gravimetric systems by use of specific gravity.

Resene Total Colour Pastes are also designed to be incorporated by shaking on typical paint shakers - where the viscosity of the base paint permits.

The basic range consists of 14 colours. These will be added to as technology develops and new pigments appear From the 14 tinters over 30,000 colours have already been formulated.

Our colourant R & D team is available to assist and facilitate in the implementation of Resene Total Colour Pastes. This includes tint base formulation, optimisation of tinter compatibility, colour matching to international and customer colour charts and customised pigment pastes.

Now you can offer your client more than an industrial colour match ...

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