When is the best time of the year for renovations?

Are you considering a few updates around the house in the next 12 months? Take a look at our guide to decide when is best for you.

Consider the holidays

If you're the type of household that regularly hosts visitors over long weekends, Christmas, New Years and other holidays, aim to avoid doing up the house around these times. Work such as repainting and remodelling often leaves tools and equipment around the house for some time, so the fewer people who have to work around these obstacles, the better. Plus, if you're updating a high-use area such as a bathroom or kitchen, you may need to make other arrangements while work is being carried out – which is not ideal for entertaining!

During warmer months

Even if the work isn't on the exterior of the house, it can be beneficial to schedule it for warm, dry months. If you are repainting the living room and need to move furniture outside temporarily, it's much easier when it's not raining. Plus, the warmth will mean you can easily leave doors and windows open to help ventilate rooms after painting, which helps to avoid any smells and to dry the paint more quickly.

When you're stuck indoors anyway

Stuck inside over the cooler months? It's a good time to strip wallpaper and prepare rooms ready for painting. You can listen to the radio or make it a social activity with friends and family helping. With modern heating options, it is easy to wallpaper and paint inside over winter. Just make sure you allow for adequate ventilation so the paint can dry properly.

Talk to your tradie

Bringing in a painter or other worker to help complete the job is a great way to speed up the process and get it done professionally. Get in touch with anyone who you need for the work and ask them when is a good time for them – they may have other big projects coming up, or they might have a quiet period when they could easily complete your work for you. Plus, if your project involves purchasing new materials, they may also be able to advise a time of year when supplies such as timber are more affordable.

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