What’s trending in curtains

Whether you're in the middle of a brand new build or going in for a renovation job, deciding on a curtain colour and style won't be as simple as you think.

Mostly that's because the Resene Curtain Collection has so many that you'll simply love.

The decision can also be a tricky one if you don't yet have your walls painted, or perhaps your furniture hasn't made it to the room yet, or is it that you're just not sure which print is going to stand the test of time while still giving your living areas a modern feel?

This is where you can relax, because the experts will always be there to give you as much or as little advice as you want.

New trends in curtains have brought in exciting options like natural fibres and sumptuous silks which can bring a touch of style to your room.

Bold patterns, fresh colours and unique textures have been big over the last year or so, which is why they feature so heavily in the Resene range.

These choices are designed for that 'wow' factor as you walk into a room, which can help to explain why they've been a popular choice for people looking for an alternative to feature walls. This trend allows for an eye-catching curtain choice to be set against a soft neutral or white shade of paint and places the curtain at a focal point of the room.

Colours and patterns in the range are also specially designed to pair well with Resene paints the same way that a great glass of pinot noir brings out the flavours of a lamb roast. For example, have a look at the boldly-designed Resene Maze curtain, and see how well it brings out the tones in Resene Quarter Tuna.

And when a curtain design and palette match your paint choices perfectly, then the rest of your interior design will come with ease!

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