What are good spots for adding a pop of colour?

We often read in interior design magazines or decorating recommendation books that a 'pop' of colour is a great way to breathe some life into a space.

But where exactly is a good spot to add this pop of colour?

It can become tricky to decide this, especially since in order for the pop to truly work like a contrast it needs to be bright, eye-catching and bold. This is the only way it can stand out from the rest of the room's decor or colour palette.

But, this also means it can be difficult to know what item of furniture or which part of the wall should be painted as the pop – will it distract from the room's flow? Does it seem too over the top? 

If these questions cross your mind often, don't worry. Here's a handy guide.

Accent items

Introduce the vibrant hue with small objects and accessories. Coasters on the coffee table, a wax candle, a single thin vase – pick these smaller sized objects in vivid colours and spread them out across the room for little pops of prettiness. 

A rule of thumb to follow with accent items is that good things come in threes. Place the accent objects in three different areas of the room, well spread out in a triangular formation. Doing so gives the room a cohesive, professionally-styled look. For example, in a bedroom, a throw on the base of the bed, two large cushions near the headboard, and flowers with petals in the same shades near the windowsill. 

Bar stools 

Kitchen spaces look elegant in neutral tones, particularly since marble or stone benchtops tend to come in earthy, organic colours. However, adding some zest and flavour through colour can breathe life and spice back into the space. Bar stools are a safe way to introduce this pop. They tuck in underneath the kitchen island or breakfast bar, keeping the colour in sight but not overwhelming. 


Pictureframes, window panes, mirror borders – anything that has a frame surrounding it is a lovely way to add pops of colour without oversaturating a room. Simply paint these borders for that unexpected pop. 

Single sofa

Not only is this an on-trend interior design look right now, but adding a single sofa in a vibrant colour is an easy-to-update look for a lounge. Simply remove whenever needed! To optimise the look, choose a sofa that is widely different in style to the rest of your lounge suite. Mid-century modern sofas are shaped in abstract forms that always make for statement pieces, and would be a good choice for the single sofa look. 

If you'd like a more subtle approach to this furniture method, just paint parts of furniture, such as only the legs or arms of chairs, to bring some lively pops into a room.


Simple yet effective, adding rich-toned curtains to an otherwise neutral room gives a pop of colour that draws the eye towards natural light by the window. This can make the room feel more airy and spacious, too.

Feel free to experiment with colour and fabric, and pick curtain colours that are wildly different to your walls to maximise the popping effect. For example, Resene Beyond in the flame colour is a bold red with subtle silver metallic patterns. Due to this, it still blends well with a neutral grey wall, but maintains its wow factor because the warm red naturally pops.  


Perhaps the easiest of all, rugs are an instantaneous way to add a pop of colour. Circular rugs in bright tones keep the look modern, while rectangular rugs under coffee tables in a lounge are more traditional. Either way, picking a rug in an intense colour can be dazzling. 

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