Toolbox essential for painters – productivity tables

It probably comes as no surprise that professional painters are regularly in high demand, and are generally always pressed for time.

This sector of the tradie industry is a tough one to balance, as there are constant demands on a painter's time and skill, which means that they have to juggle their available hours with doing an expert job – all without leaving a mess.

Resene has devised a tool that may help professional painters to better organise their working day around their timetable, their paint and their charged hours.

The Resene Productivity Tables were created especially with all of this in mind.

Pages of materials include basic checklists for a job and simple ways to calculate how much time will be needed based on the averages of professional painters, and surface area.

Since no job is ever simple and straightforward, the tables include time to cover wastage and other losses.

The paint is calculated at an average spreading rate of ten square metres per litre per coat.

Not only is this an easy and efficient way to decide how much time will be required for a job – big or small – it's a great way to show your clients exactly where their money is going. Many people don't often realise the time it takes to get a house painted professionally, so breaking down the various aspects such as preparation and priming, wallpaper stripping, painting and cleaning, will show them how much work it really takes.

That kind of transparency is exactly what most people love, as the more knowledgeable they can be about your work the better you will be able to understand each other.

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