Three tips for setting up your showroom window

For some specifiers, such as interior designers, a showroom will be an integral part of their trade.

But where to start? There are so many things to consider and you'll probably want to dive right in and show everyone what you can do.

Unfortunately showrooms usually don't offer a lot of space to play with, so here are three ideas to get you started with the front window display.

Create interest

The window is your first chance to impress and create interest, so it's no place to be boring.

While you'll have to include your skills with everyday design ideas somewhere in your showroom, use the front window to show off your unusual and inspirational ideas.

Bold colours and different designs are the things that will most likely bring those window shoppers inside to find out more.

Keep it fresh

At first you'll probably want to make a change every other day, but after this stage it might take a little more motivation to keep that front window up-to-date, especially if you've found a look that you really love.

Keep it fresh by changing up your display every one to two weeks so that anyone regularly walking by or driving by can see that you're committed, creative and organised.

You never know which display will bring them in, so keep in mind that it could be your next one!

Light it up

One place so many shops fall down in is their failure to adequately light up their interior.

Windows can often create shadows because of the overhang of the outside roof, so you might need to battle this with light-spreading mirrors and artificial lighting options.

Not only should you be able to see the window set up from outside, you can use lights to literally highlight certain parts, so invest in a couple of floor lamps and let your imagination do its thing.

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