The resurgence of wallpaper

When you first get into the interior design game there are lot of new things to learn and plenty of old prejudices to break.

One of them is that many people assume wallpaper belongs at grandmas house, or simply in a different and long-gone era.

Those singularly muted shades of florals do belong to another era, along with the outdated technology that caused wallpaper to peel and discolour so easily, which all adds to the current misconception that this decoration has had its day.

Fortunately, wallpaper has moved on from those times, and the new designs, colours and textures are convincing many people that this form of interior design is worth a second look.

Consider some of the Resene Organza collection for example, which is packed with modern swirls, stripes and prints, in a range of modern colours that would suit just about any area in any home – and that's just one collection of dozens.

These days there are also plenty of simple colours to choose from, such as those from the Resene Habitat collection, which can be applied in any room to liven up the colour palette, while also offering a point of interest by being textured.

But if simple isn't your thing, why not try out some stripes? The Diva Collection from Resene offers just a few of the dozens of striped wallpapers available, with tones for any room to add interest to an interior space.  Team your wallpaper with your favourite Resene paint colours on adjoining walls and surfaces for a complete look.

Of course there is nothing intrinsically wrong with floral wallpaper, and there are still plenty of gorgeous designs in this group. However, florals are no longer the only choice, and there is now such a variety that no home will look like any other.

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