Super summer decorating ideas

With long, hot summer days just around the corner, you might be wondering how to boost your home's aesthetic appeal and liveability.

Afternoon barbecues are a mainstay of the summer months, so having a welcoming outdoor area may well be a priority. When it comes to your property's interior, you want to be able to embrace the warmth of the sun as much as possible, without overheating. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of summer-inspired hues, such as Resene Mandy, Resene Danube and Resene Green House, which you may be inclined to experiment with throughout your home.

So what are you waiting for – it's time to get out the paint roller and let summer inspiration flow!

Get ready for light

Artificial light has its place – for instance, you'll need it during the evening and early morning when the sun's down.

However during the height of summer, the days are longer, and there are opportunities to spend time relaxing at home over the Christmas and New Year's break. 

It's therefore important to let plenty of natural light into your home in spaces you want to relax in. On the more serious end of the renovation scale is the opportunity to add a home extension, such as a sunroom. Adding skylights or fitting lightweight curtains are other options, too.

Consider creating a cosy nook in an area of your home that enjoys warm afternoon sunshine and adding a brightly coloured feature wall or statement settee. This makes the space perfect for kicking back with a book or catching up on emails when you get an opportunity to do so.

Embrace stripes

Navy, cobalt, sunflower and red stripes on a white background are a perfect pick for your property. 

From cushions to rugs and even your walls, there are many opportunities to add colourful, punchy stripes throughout your property. If you want to integrate this theme throughout your home while maintaining individual rooms' natural charm, pick a single shade for each room.

Paint walls a neutral hue such as Resene Soapstone then add a horizontal line a few inches thick to the walls. You could opt for a fresh blue such as Resene Danube in the kitchen and a gentle yellow like Resene Butter for the bedrooms. By pairing a warm white with a cheeky splash of colour, you'll create a summer-worthy space, without taking too many risks.

Add indoor plants

Plants aren't just meant for the outdoors. 

Succulents in large pots are an ideal pick for your entranceway, while bright blooms in quirky transparent pitchers and wine bottles (with the labels removed) add a unique touch to your dining area.

Provided no one in your home is allergic to pollen, flowers are a great way to truly embrace summer at home. 

Opt for a consistent theme of plants throughout or mix and match your selections depending on each room's particular decor.

Clear out the clutter

Finally, they say spring's about new beginnings, with spring cleaning a popular activity. If you didn't quite get around to a spring clean, look at summer as an opportunity to start afresh.

Get rid of excess clutter – start in the bedroom by going through wardrobes and selling or donating any items you haven't worn in 12 months (special occasion outfits being the exception!).

Perhaps your book collection is bursting out of the bookshelf, art is taking over the walls or furniture is cutting down on your available floor space. Consider putting big ticket items into storage or simply rearranging key pieces to create better flow throughout your house. You could even lend furniture to family members for a few months – if you don't miss it during this time, then you probably never will!

You can also visually de-clutter your home by using light, fresh colours in your interior decorating scheme, such as Resene Sea Fog and Resene Soft Apple. From walls to window sills, cool, crisp shades can make a world of difference.

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