Showing off your new paint job

Painting your home is often one of the best parts of being a property owner.

After years of living under someone else's roof you can finally decide on the colours for your walls, and once this important decision has been made, that's when you get to show it off!

So what are the best ways to highlight the colours you have so carefully chosen, and either applied yourself or paid for a professional to paint?


The first port of call is to ensure that the room is properly lit.

You can use a mixture of natural and electrical lighting to illuminate areas that you think deserve special attention.

This will ensure that those pretty new colours aren't hidden away in shadowy areas.


A trick that the professionals use all the time is to highlight your cool new paint scheme with little accents around the room.

It works in the same way that a blue shirt will bring out the colour in blue eyes.

Picking out little knick-knacks and homewares like cushions, table runners and lamps that match the hue on your wall will draw the eye and increase the visual impact.


Similarly, artworks can have the same effect.

In this case it's best not to have an image that is identical to the colour on your walls, but rather to find a print or painting that has elements of the colour.

Alternatively, complementary or opposing colours in an art work can do just as good a job. If your wall is a lime green for example, a black and white print will offset the bright hue.

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