Seven reasons why you shouldn’t wait to paint

The second you walk into an open home you already start thinking about changes you'd like to make, regardless of whether you actually intend to buy it or not.

So by the time you actually decide on a new home, go through the process of mortgages and packing and moving, you'll be well and ready to get redecorating.

And you are now perfectly placed to do so.

Debbie Zimmer from the Paint Quality Institute makes seven valid points about why you should consider painting the day you move in rather than waiting for a time further down the track.

It's easier

When you don't have a room full of furniture and things you'd prefer not to have paint on, it's much easier to move around the space and easily access walls and areas to paint. This will save you having to lug, pull and push heavy objects around and ensure that everything is well covered with sheets if you're not moving them.

It saves time

Similarly, as Ms Zimmer points out, moving around all of that furniture from room to room and covering anything you leave behind can take up a fair amount of time. Especially if you have to take down artworks, deal with picture hooks in walls and rehang wall art afterward, that's a lot of time spent that you could have saved by painting as soon as you moved in.

It can save money

Not everyone will do the job themselves, so when you hire a professional painter to get the job done you'll be looking at a higher expenditure for the manual labour involved. If you can cut down the time it takes your painter to get the job done in empty rooms, then you can decrease the time you'll have to pay for.

It can save your furnishings

No matter how well you cover your furnishings with drop sheets, how careful you are, or how careful your contractor is, paint can sometimes have a mind of its own and manage to splatter on your furniture, rugs or homewares. Take away this risk by painting before there's anything for the paint to drop on.

It can simplify your decorating

Many new home buyers will be seen in homewares and interior design stores looking a bit lost and confused. Picking a new design scheme from scratch can be an overwhelming task without a basic anchor to base decisions off, so if you have a colour palette already sorted for the walls, then you may have a better idea of the look you are hoping to achieve with your other design decisions.

It feels good

There's something about a fresh lick of paint that can make any room in any home feel all brand new. Regardless of the age of the home, paint can make it feel cleaner, fresher and much more welcoming. Often when you move into a new home it can feel like something of a fresh start and a different era in your life, so solidifying that feeling with some paint work can bring that feel good factor to a whole new level.

It's simply fun

The last point Ms Zimmer highlights is that painting is simply a lot of fun and very exciting. It adds to the excitement of moving by being able to put your own stamp on a property and seeing your vision of your home come to life. Add your favourite colours for a reflection of your own personal style and watch how paint transforms your new house into your new home.

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