Prepare for spring with these 7 floral wallpapers

We are almost in spring! The flowers will be blooming, the birds will be chirping, and our parks and gardens will be alive with a kaleidoscopic range of colours as the different petals shine. 

Don't just enjoy spring outdoors – you can let the season blossom indoors with these seven floral wallpapers. 

1) Gerbera

Bring this botanical beauty to your home with the Flower Poetry 2015 497458 wallpaper. Showcasing gerbera tendrils in warm red tones set against a creamy background, this will put a smile on your dial. 

2) Poppy

An elegant take on the poppy flower, the Aurora GX49606 wallpaper shows a monochromatic, stylised bunch of poppies that would look right at home with modern decor. 

3) Rose

Feel as though you are in a scene from the Beauty and the Beast fairytale with this large rose Brocante II 45953 wallpaper. In tones of beige, taupe and brown, it is a timeless and classic addition to any home style. 

4) Fern

It doesn't get more luxurious than this opulent textured Carillon Z2354 wallpaper. A crushed tissue paper effect is used to create these golden brown ferns, adding a metallic touch to your home. 

5) Hibiscus

Covered in leopard spots in tones of copper and black, the chic hibiscus flowers on the Chicago 93531-2 wallpaper are stunning. An ideal wallpaper for a diva's bedroom!

6) Apple blossom

This sweet flower is gracefully embossed in Oriental-inspired patterns on the Clover 330490 wallpaper. The pink hues of the apple blossoms pop against a matte black background. 

7) Daisy

Tiny, detailed daisies unravel along green vines with leafy green leaves in the Dollhouse 487-49292 wallpaper. This wallpaper will transport you to days spend playing with dolls, the burgundy and lilac daises dancing against a cream background. 

Seven spring-ready wallpapers, ready to climb up your walls like a sunflower climbs towards the sun! 

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