Paint made for tricky areas in the home

Not all paint is created equal, but that's only because the different rooms in your home have different uses, and as such, require paint that's tailored to those requirements.

In particular, kitchens, laundries and bathrooms work a lot harder than most of the other rooms in your home, as they are regularly considered to be 'wet areas', with steam, food and water splashes and varying temperatures working away at the fittings.

Popular demand for a more suitable paint solution has brought about the introduction of a new product to the Resene range, suitably named Resene SpaceCote Flat Kitchen and Bathroom.

If you were to use regular house paint in a high-moisture area, you might find that it will be quick to show signs of mould or wear and tear.

Resene SpaceCote Flat Kitchen & Bathroom is specially designed to combat the bacteria and mould buildup that you will usually see in these areas of excessive moisture.

It is part of a wider range of Resene Kitchen & Bathroom paints made especially for kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas which are formulated with anti-bacterial silver and mould-defender.

Anti-bacterial silver technology is internationally recognised as both a safe and healthy way of deodorising and sanitising surfaces that regularly come in contact with skin, food and water.

Resene SpaceCote Flat Kitchen & Bathroom is made for ceiling surfaces, and can be complemented by Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom and Resene Lustacryl Kitchen and Bathroom for walls and trims respectively.

The whole range is available in your standard white, as well as hundreds of popular options in off white and neutral tones, which can be purchased from your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.

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