Make your kitchen a feast for the eyes

It's the space families gather around to share a meal, toast to special occasions, or wish each other a good morning while eating breakfast – so in many ways your kitchen is the heart of your home. Why not decorate the room to be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach?

These decorating ideas can help make the kitchen into a winning area for lovely family meals and memories. 

Walls to make your mouth water

When you think about delicious food, bright, happy and cheerful colours spring to mind. The succulent orange-red tones of fruit, warm sunny yellows for eggs and lush green for leafy vegetables are all sure to put you in the mood to eat until everyone is singing 'yummy yummy in my tummy'! Resene Glorious is sure to make your taste buds tingle thanks to its peachy light-red tones, and would work really well next to Resene La Luna or Resene Hive due to their lemony tints. For a buttery feeling, lick the walls with a coat of Resene Melting Moment

Fruity feeling

If you want a more typical pop of red, Resene Poppy can offer a deep red tone to the kitchen walls, great for bringing out the colours in a fruit bowl on the counter top. Did you know that the brighter the colour of the fruits and vegetables, the better they are for your health? Flavonoids are the natural pigments that give plants their colours, and the more vibrant the hue, the more antioxidants they have – meaning better results for your fitness and wellbeing. Think of your kitchen walls as an extension of your fruit bowl with these fun, mouth-watering paint shades. 

Add a sprinkle of spice 

For those wanting a bit of subtle spice thrown in the mix, Resene Jalapeno can add some colourist flavour to your walls. A great way to complement this burst of flavour is with the Resene Burst wall decal, the abstract shapes exploding like a party in your mouth when you eat a spice-punched dish. Silver would look lovely set against the deep red wall tones, shimmering and shining with your silverware and cutlery. 

Decals to match your dinner settings 

In addition to such abstract wall decals, there is also a range inspired by cutlery. The silhouettes of the Knife, Fork, Spoon and Cutlery decals look great arranged in linear patterns above the dining table. They come in a spectrum of neutral hues such as white, black, light grey and anthracite to match even the brightest of walls. Get a tad more creative with the smaller size packages, only 90 centim​etres high, and place them along the kitchen cabinets for a playful vibe. 

Chalkboard grocery list

Be kinder to the environment and avoid making grocery lists on paper, instead using Resene Blackboard Paint to write your lists with chalk on a section of the kitchen wall. A cool place for this would be beside the fridge, so you can add the names of nearly empty products and ingredients as you spot them. You can also add recipes for those busy mid-week meals on the chalkboard, or notes to yourself such as 'defrost fish' or 'add salad to lunchbox'.

Pattern your hutch 

Often we love to display our best china in a hutch, placed safely behind glass yet in clear sight for dinner guests and loved ones. Why not give the plates an extra pop by wall-papering the backs of the shelves? This DIY trend is taking the interior design world by storm, as people are complementing pure white china with quirky patterns. Some excellent choices to match these wall colours include Resene Feel Good and Resene Luz. Or choose your favourite paint colours and use them between shelves for an extra shot of colour.

Have fun setting up the kitchen and devouring all the meals to follow! 

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