Made for each other – switch, meet wall

Technology has allowed us to do some pretty amazing things with interior design, to the point where just about anything you want to do can be done.

One great innovation you might not have heard of yet is the ability to blend those light switches into your paint or wallpaper.

This is a great option for those bolder choices for colours and designs, as the white or cream of a light switch can seriously interfere with your gorgeous new wall scheme!

If you have a paint colour you'd like to see on your light switches, you can do this with Vynco coloured switchplates that are backpainted with Resene Imperite in your choice of colour.

These plates are designed and engineered for New Zealand and Australian standards, and are made for any standard switch, so you can fit them in most houses. By placing an additional film over the original cover plate, you're actually increasing scratch and chemical resistance – as well as improving the look of your walls!

Visit the helpful folks at the Vynco website if this sounds like a good option for you.

As for a white switch on a patterned and chic wallpaper, well, there's a fix for that too.

Resene has teamed up with Personalised Switch Covers to ensure that your Resene wallpaper isn't competing with your light switches.

In this decorating first, you will receive a removable adhesive vinyl cover that can come as a general pattern, matching or contrasting colour options.

You can view samples in Resene ColorShops or simply go ahead and order online!

Attention to detail is one thing that the professionals usually seem to do so much better – which is why their designs always seem so perfect yet so unattainable! The devil really is in the detail, but at least you can switch on to this one.

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