Latest trends in master ensuite bathroom decor

One of the joys of moving into a master bedroom is that it usually comes with a big, luxurious ensuite bathroom. Because it is connected to the bedroom, it can be a good design plan to have an overarching theme or 'flow' to both spaces so they are seamlessly joined. 

Here, we will look at the latest design trends for master bathrooms. You'll be blown away by the relaxing styles that are being embraced by interior designers, making the ensuite an indulgent and calming space. 

Vintage tubs with clawfeet 

Every design website from Elle Decor to Houzz has been touting the return of vintage tubs as a luxurious touch in ensuite bathrooms, especially when they have ornate claw feet.

These look good in both country style homes as well as hyper-modern contemporary apartments – all that is needed are the right accessories. Drape a hand towel in neutral colours over the edge, but contrast the sharp clawed feet with a soft, snug rug for bathers to step on once they leave the tub. Some scented candles placed in the soap holders are also a soothing touch. 

Tropical wood

Taking inspiration from spas in a tropical island paradise, another key trend for ensuite bathrooms is using timber panelling. These can be used to frame the shower cubicle, along one wall as a feature, or as a statement pattern for floating shelves. Stain the wood in a warm, rich wooden hue such as Resene Colorwood Mahogany.

Large green potted plants look great tucked into awkward corners in an ensuite that uses this wooden trend. You could add to the glow by painting the bottom of the pots in metallic bronze hues using our handy guide for this DIY project. 

Ladder shelves

Taking a page from the industrial chic trend, ensuite bathrooms are storing folded towels on the shelves of ladder-shelves. These ladder-shelves come in solid planks of wood as well as a more minimalist stainless steel or dark metal, so there is one to suit all preferences. Toiletries can also be arranged artfully on these ladder-shelves, placed against a wall next to the sink for easy access. 

Digital up-lighting in the shower

In the age of digital technology, it's no surprise that showers are being kitted out like discos. Up-lighting and neon spotlights are being incorporated into the ceiling above showers, and in some cases onto the shower heads themselves, to create a rave atmosphere inside the shower. Singing and dancing in the shower is now even more enjoyable.

If you install this kind of shower set-up in your ensuite, why not add to the colour by painting the walls in bright hues that would look good in the glow of the up-lighting? Some options are Resene FascinatorResene JuicyResene Irresistible and Resene Adrenalin

Grey is the new white

Rather than turn to the cold white-on-white look for bathrooms, a new trend is to use shades of grey for a neutral yet chic look. Aim for grey hues within the same tonal range, such as Resene Half Bokara Grey, Resene Double Trojan and Resene Half Athens Grey, and paint your bathroom cabinets in one, the walls with another, and the ceiling in the lightest variant. You can introduce pops of colour with towels hanging on the warming rail and shower mats, or create a grey-on-grey look by choosing accessories in this palette. 

His and hers sinks 

An iconic trend for modern ensuite bathrooms is to have two separate sinks side by side, in a classic 'his and hers' layout. You can either install these as part of a small pumping renovation project, or, if your home already has some, style them differently to showcase a corresponding masculine and feminine look through plants. Succulents placed in pots would look good beside 'his' sink, while a white orchid would look good next to 'hers'. Both require minimal maintenance – just water them from the sink! 

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