Jump aboard the white roof programme

Environmental sustainability is big on the worldwide agenda these days and it's trickling down to everyday home owners to start making small changes that will add up to huge benefits for the planet, and in turn, for us.

Even something as simple as your paint choice can now have a real effect on the planet, especially when it comes to choosing a roof colour.

The White Roofs Project New Zealand (WRPNZ) began in October 2010 to help Kiwis understand the difference that painting your roof white can have on the environment, and the movement is not unique to this part of the world, with organisations springing up around the globe.

It may sound like a small and simple change, but scientific research and real-world case studies have backed up claims from WRPNZ that a white-painted roof has cooling effects.

By mimicking the way the polar icecaps reflect the sunlight back into space, white paint lowers the temperature of roofs under the hot summer sun and will mean buildings will require less air conditioning and less electricity.

It has been tried and proven to the extent that new roofs must be painted white in New York.

While it may be some time before you need to repaint, keep in mind the white roof movement and whether this might suit your home.  If white will be too glary on your home, consider using a Resene CoolColour – while it won’t stay as cool as a white would, it will reduce heat build up compared to the normal version of the same colour.

As well as the benefits for the environment, your power bill and your conscience, white paint on the roof is a good option because due to less thermal expansion and contraction throughout the seasons, it will mean less wear and tear on the paint – and don't forget that white paint is usually a more affordable option!

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