How to make a dark room shine

Whether you've just bought a home or having been living in the same property for decades, there's a good chance you might encounter a light-related problem.

While many rooms in the house get enough natural light by day – and artificial light during the evenings – this is not always the case. There's often a single room that's simply dull. 

It's dark, lacking in personality and sometimes even damp. Now is the time to turn around your least favourite room – here are some home decorating tips to brighten up such a space. 

1. Paint the walls

It might seem like an obvious solution, but don't knock it until you've tried it.

Cool shades of white are a lifesaver for dingy spaces. Before thinking about knocking down walls, it's worth trying to salvage a dark room as it currently stands. 

Give the walls and a ceiling a new lease of life with Resene Blanc, which is a gentle, Parisian white.

2. Take time to reflect

Having a good, hard think about the space is important, but being reflective doesn't stop there.

If you've got a dull kitchen, consider installing a high-gloss kitchen backsplash to brighten up the room and reflect light. Shades like fresh blue or yellow are good picks. Neutral whites and creams work well too. Just be sure to avoid very dark shades, such as grey or navy.

Hang mirrors in your darkest corners in order to bounce extra light around a space. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors look sophisticated, while a simple square mirror is ideal for smaller spaces.

3. Add halogen lights

Finally, sometimes you need to accept that artificial light is a necessity. Perhaps installing extra windows or a skylight will require too many changes in relation to your home's actual structure.

However, adding halogen lights may be simpler. With their cool, blue-white glow, they'll brighten up the dimmest of spaces!

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