How to hold onto summer all year round with colour

Love summer? Make it feel like this at your place every day with a summery makeover.

There comes a day in every year where you begin to realise that the long, hot summer is on its way out, and those cooler drizzly days aren't far away.

Fortunately, you can always hold onto that summery feeling by recreating it within your home with nothing more than a few clever paint colour choices and some nifty decorating.

Here's a little inspiration to get you started on a new interior design colour scheme to enjoy that summery feeling throughout the year.

A neutral base with accents

One of the simplest and easiest ways to create a summery feel in your home is to start with a neutral base.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to create a summery feel in your home is to start with a neutral base. Try warm shades of neutral such as beige or light grey as opposed to stark bright whites, then find every opportunity to add layer upon layer of colourful accents throughout the house. A good colour to start with is Resene Half Astra, which is a very neutral shade of yellow.

Once you've got your base, you can start adding bright, fun colours to the room for a summertime feel. For example, bring in fresh flowers and keep them in colourful pots. Add green, blue, yellow and red soft furnishings such as cushions and throw rugs, and look for art you can hang on the walls that use these tones.

The paleness of the neutral background and the bright pops of colour will help to invoke an airy, sunny feel to the room. As an added bonus, this painting colour scheme is ideal for when you're ready to move on, as neutral walls can easily offer a base for any number of design ideas.

Cool blue hues

When you think of summer, that often means days spent at the pool, by the beach, and laying under clear azure skies. The main theme of all of these activities? Cool, fresh blue.

Bring this refreshing feeling indoors with a paint that reminds you of these days any time of the year with a tone such as Resene Half Sail. Using this as your main paint tone indoors will help create that sense of being by the beach on a sunny day, and it's also pale enough to dress up with a few summery extras.

For example, pick up several pieces of driftwood you can artfully stack together, or bring home an interesting-looking shell to use as an ornament. Plus, add in more blues and whites in various tones for a truly light and breezy atmosphere.

A pale blue background with a few beachy items make this room as summery as it gets.A pale blue background with a few beachy items make this room as summery as it gets.

Bring the sunshine inside

Of course, it doesn't get much more summery than a bright and bold yellow that will truly liven the place up and make a room shine even on the coldest days of winter.

There's no doubt that yellow is a daring colour, so look for one that you're comfortable with. For example, Resene Quarter Turbo is a great mix of bright yellow funkiness as well as warm sunny vibrancy. If you do decide to try a yellow hue in your home, balance it out with toned-down colours for a well-rounded interior space. Some natural green plants will help keep it feeling outdoorsy, and neutrals such as white and sandy beige can keep the yellow from overwhelming the room.

For more advice on how to create 365 days of summer every year in your home, ask a colour expert at your local Resene ColorShop or use the online Ask a Resene Colour Expert for professional advice and handy hints.

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