How can you bring out the Tuscany in your home?

If you've ever dreamt about living in Italy, but never had the means to do so, have no fear: There are ways to bring out the Tuscan elements of your home.  

Before deciding how to turn your living area, dining room or bedroom into a place reminiscent of the Tuscan region, you need to think about the area's characteristics – the food, geography, culture and so forth.   

Geography, drink and colours  

Between rolling vineyards and the golden glow of the wheat fields, Tuscany offers an array of colours that incite thoughts of food, relaxation, nature and classic Mediterranean living.  

For example, the regions of Chianti and Montepulciano will automatically make wine drinkers think of the rich reds that these two locations are famous for. Still, Italian decor often features lighter browns or reds, so finding a balance with Resene Copper Rust or even Resene Ayers Rock is certainly an option.  

Using these as primary colours depends on the type of furniture you're working with and whether or not you have indoor wooden panelling. Stained wooden cabinets that have a stylish weathered look will complement these colours well.  

Keep them suppressed 

Although Tuscany may be a vibrant region, that doesn't necessarily mean your paint should be heavily saturated. This won't deliver the antiquated brick-and-wood appearance you're trying to emulate. 

So, if you end up getting a colour that's coming across as a little too strong, you can use neutrals to subdue it if need be. Also, it's important to keep in mind that the function of your room may largely dictate how you choose to paint it.

For example, Tuscan kitchens often call for warm, golden shades that inspire thoughts of cooking. Think of the colour of authentic Italian bread. See if you can adopt the same shading this particular food possesses when it's fresh out of the oven. 

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