Home renovation ideas that require minimal effort

There's sometimes a disjoint between the desire to refresh your home and the ability to actually complete significant changes.

Whether for a lack of time or a limited budget, full-scale renovations aren't always possible. However, there are plenty of low-effort fixes that can still have a huge impact.

While a large-scale kitchen makeover or bedroom extension might be desirable, consider putting big projects off while you secure the finance for them. In the meanwhile, these small interior decorating ideas can be a smart way to transform your living areas, bedroom and kitchen.

Kitchen cupboard refresh

If your kitchen functions well but is just looking a bit worn or out of date colour wise, you can give it a fresh new look by painting the kitchen cabinetry. Either opt for one colour on the doors and frames, contrast the frames or if you're feeling a bit braver, pick out some key feature or display cupboards in a bolder colour.

Once the paint is dry, replace the old handles with new ones – you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

New lights in the whole house

It might be time to complete a light bulb audit in your home. Perhaps there are some particularly ugly light fittings standing out like sore thumbs in the bedrooms, or harsh bulbs making your kitchen seem more clinical than homely.

Replacing your lights in all corners of the house is a simple way to change your property's feel. Remove dated light fittings and replace them with sleek pendant lampshades or modern, stainless steel fittings.

Metal finishes look stunning with walls painted Resene Thorndon Cream or Resene Half Sandcastle.

Update your frames

Family photos, mirrors and artwork are typically adorned with frames. While taking to a collectable painting's frame with paint might not be the brightest move, consider refreshing photo frames to add splashes of colour to your home.

Dark grey or black frames will help add points of contrast in any room with light walls, from the living room to the bedroom.

Another way to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to a space is to hang maps – whether it's a world map or a map of a city you'd love to visit, this can provide a spot of inspiration in any space. You may wish to frame them to ensure they don't curl at the corners, or get them laminated. 

Bathroom feature wall

Suggestions for living room feature walls are incredibly common, and for good reason. They're a smart way to add colour to a space and a point of difference.

However, it's easy to focus solely on this room, when a feature wall can look equally striking elsewhere in the house. For instance, it can quickly transform your bathroom and will likely take significantly less time, given that it's a smaller area to paint.

Ensure you ventilate the space appropriately when painting, and pick your colour carefully. Pale blue shades such as Resene Reservoir and Resene Half Kumutoto look stunning on a feature wall when paired with cool whites. 

To get a sophisticated feel rather than one akin to a child's nursery, match pale blue with sleek, straight lines, polished metal cabinet handles and plush white towels. This will led to a spa-like feel that will make bathing an absolute luxury!

Another option for a bathroom feature wall is to opt for a darker shade and create a contrast. This looks particularly stunning with grey tiles or timber flooring, if you're after a moody look. However, it's a better option for bathrooms with adequate lighting – for instance, one with a skylight.

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