Have a pattern party in your lounge with one of these 6 curtains

You've put the coffee table in place, the couches have been set up and the shelves have been decked to the nines with family photographs. Now it's time for the curtains!watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 film now

Add some texture and pretty patterns to your lounge with one of these six curtains. Pssst … for those of you who love all things matchy-matchy, many of these have matching cushions to snuggle up with on the sofa. 

  1. Resene Kinetic: Optical illusion fun for your whole family! Balancing both matte and shimmering sheen fabrics, this offers both pattern and texture.
  2. Resene Artiste: Dandelions dance across the fabric in a natural blooming pattern. Who says nature has to stay outside the window?
  3. Resene Maze: Get lost in this inviting, welcoming pattern. 
  4. Resene Diva: Unleash your inner Beyonce with this dramatic, contemporary design. 
  5. Resene Lyrical: Taking flax as the inspiration, this pretty pattern is like something from the Renaissance. 
  6. Resene Garden Party: Cuppa tea anyone? Have an Alice in Wonderland moment with your very own garden party curtains!

Draw them to a close and enjoy the view even inside the window!

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