Great paints drive mobile design ideas

It's not just your home that can do from a design overhaul. Decorating your caravan or motor-home can be a great activity, but you'll need to take a slightly different approach. 

Given the limited space of these moveable accommodation options, it's essential to choose your colour schemes carefully, not to mention your storage options. 

However, with some careful attention, you can create a fresh new space that you can't wait to enjoy on your next holiday. 

Maximise the space

Unlike a double storey home or a house that's got an extensive open-plan living space, you don't have quite the same luxury in a caravan or motor-home. 

However, what you might lack in space you can certainly make up in cosiness and fun. 

One of the easiest tricks in the book when it comes to making a space appear larger is to use light, neutral shades. Resene Sea Fog is a great choice with its cool grey tones, while Resene Dutch White has a warmth to it, given its yellow undercurrent.

Once you've painted the interior with a fresh lick of white, complement it with pops of colour. While feature walls are all the rage, the curvaceous design of a caravan may prevent this approach.

However, why not consider a feature ceiling? Paint the ceiling an electric blue shade such as Resene Optimist then add splashes of complementary colour to cupboard handles or window frames. 

Remember to keep it simple with a key feature colour plus one or two brighter shades to maximise the impact. You can use all Resene paints in your caravan, just as you would for your own property.

Perhaps you're stuck when it comes to your paint choices because of slippery interior surfaces. Fortunately, Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer can resolve this predicament. Rather than replacing surfaces, which could be costly, simply apply the surface sealer. Once it's dry, you can apply your favourite Resene topcoat. 

Add personal touches

Whether you're going to use the space for the odd weekend away or several weeks at a time, it's worth spending the time creating a space that you enjoy using.  

Some additions are practical as well as decorative. For instance, if the curtains are a bit worse for wear, give your motor-home or caravan a revamp with the Resene Curtain Collection.

Cushions that complement the interior paint choice help drive home the overall aesthetic, while making the space extra comfortable, too. 

However, it's not just the interior you should consider. A bright splash of colour on the caravan or motor-home's exterior can look fantastic. Considering you'll be exploring new territories when you holiday, consider the aptly-named Resene Captain Cook for an external paint job.

If the exterior surface is aluminium, you can use the very durable Resene Armourcote 221 and Resene Uracryl to protect the exterior. Another option is to use Resene Galvo-Prime and Resene Summit Roof. Have a chat to the staff at your local Resene ColorShop if you're not sure what option to go for.

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