Going green with green: 3 hues to try out

With all the buzz about going green these days, now is certainly the time to try it out in your own home – literally! 

Here are some quick green decorating ideas for you to try.

For the kids

If you've got some monkeys running around the home, make their room feel like the jungle. Resene Top Secret is a fun, vibrant colour for a feature wall in the kids' bedrooms. Combine that with Resene Magnetic Magic and it'll be an excellent, stimulating play space.

In the living room

Greens such as Resene Awol make a room feel more calming and in-tune with nature. Add in some wooden furniture, such as bamboo, and your space will breathe with an energy found only in forests.

In the office

Muted greens work great in the office, as they have a calming effect. Try using Resene Green Smoke to help you stay on track while you are working, or prevent you from stressing out in the office environment. 

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