Flower power: Freshly cut ideas for apartment living

As apartment living grows in popularity in central business districts and inner-city suburbs, unit owners are seeking home decorating inspiration that considers smaller spaces. 

However, less room shouldn't be seen as a constraint. In fact, some apartments boast an incredibly spacious feel with the right amount of natural light flooding through as well as the perfect paint job and clever furniture. 

If you're after some fresh ideas for your apartment, be sure to start with the walls. 

A fresh space 

When it comes to decorating your apartment, don't be afraid to go against convention.

White is an obvious choice when it comes to apartment living. It's clean and fresh as well as making the space feel big. 

However, don't disregard other colour options when undergoing interior renovations. Light shades that have a hint of violet or blue add a drop of personality. Think colours such as Resene Anglaise or the slightly deeper Resene Smokescreen.

Many apartments are lucky enough to have a balcony or even floor-to-ceiling windows. If this is the case, you can afford to be daring when it comes to paint choices without closing yourself in. Shades such as Resene Ayers Rock can really make your living space pop!

If space is restricted in the bedroom but you want to achieve a more classical than clinical feel, try a coat of grey-hued Resene White Pointer and paint the wardrobe and bed headboard in Resene Half Masala.

Big blooms

Apartment living is about working with what you've got. 

Rather than focusing on size, consider the ambience of the environment. By playing up divine scents from freshly-cut flowers and bold statements from art on the walls, you can really make your living space and bedrooms truly inviting spaces.

When adding flowers to rooms, it's important to keep them out of direct sunlight so they don't wilt. While the particular bunch will depend on what's currently in season, think less about the varietal and more about the colour. 

If you've opted for Resene Smokescreen or Resene Anglaise for the walls, make sure flowers are bold. Think playful yellow tulips or magenta roses. By contrast, if your walls are more playful, smokey pink peonies may be a better choice. 

Nothing coats a room with an intoxicating scent quite like jasmine – consider this for living spaces in narrow, glass vases.

When it comes to artwork, buy to suit your own tastes rather than just your walls. While art should complement your home's aesthetic, you don't want things to get too uniform. Choose artwork that speaks to you!

Trendy storage

Storage options such as painted wooden pallets act as makeshift furniture and storage. Simply pop a cushion on top for somewhere to sit and slide books or magazines underneath when they're not being read.

Pallets can be moved around easily, making them a versatile option.

Hang metal buckets in the bathroom to store body products in without cluttering the space.

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