Feeling blue from lack of creativity? Let the colour blue help

If you feel like banging your head against the table from lack of creative inspiration, looking at the colour blue might prove to be just what's needed. Indeed, a study by the University of British Columbia found that looking at blue hues can boost our creativity levels.

Because of this, painting the walls blue in an artist studio, office space, classroom or business meeting room can give people the extra kick needed to come up with interesting, innovative ideas.

With that in mind, here are 15 lovely blue shades to try – perhaps even looking at this colour selection will spark your creativity on decorating ideas for the interior design of that space!

  1. Resene Blue Moon
  2. Resene True Blue
  3. Resene Duck Egg Blue
  4. Resene Wishlist
  5. Resene Carefree
  6. Resene Optimist
  7. Resene Barometer
  8. Resene Breathless
  9. Resene Bellbottom Blue
  10. Resene Reservoir
  11. Resene Redemption Blue
  12. Resene Renew
  13. Resene Seachange
  14. Resene Kudos
  15. Resene Into The Blue

If you'd rather not have the entire room's wall be bathed in blue, you can use these blue shades for certain furniture items, such as your desk or bookshelf. This way you still benefit from a creativity boost. 

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