Earth and sea: Be inspired by nature

There's a seemingly endless selection of paint to choose from, so it can be hard to settle on a single idea when decorating your home. 

Sometimes it's easier to come up with a fresh design aesthetic for your living room, kitchen or master bedroom by going back to nature. 

Taking inspiration from nature when it comes to decorating key spaces in your home can prove incredibly fruitful. From duck-egg blue to mossy green shades such as Resene Parsley and Resene Palm Leaf, there are plenty of inspiring hues to choose from. 

If you're going to try this approach, start with one room before extending it to your entire home.

Earthy tones

Rich, earthy shades of brown create a sense of comfort and are far from dull. 

However, a room decked entirely in brown isn't going to work. The trick to making such shades pop is to play with various hues. Focus on blending brown, cream and grey with hints of green or orange. The latter two colours inject a splash of life into the space, without detracting from the overall cosy vibe. 

For the bedroom, opt for floor-length tan curtains, a cream rug, a chocolate-brown bedspread and cream bedsheets. A deep brown headboard looks fantastic, while walls will drink up the warmth of Resene Buttered Rum, a tan shade with ochre tones. 

Earthy tones should inspire a feeling of warmth, so when you're selecting paint, opt for shades with yellow undertones.

Forest floor

Perhaps your home has worn but loved wooden flooring or wooden panelling. If so, pairing this with deep shades of green can create a sense of sophistication. 

Resene Rainforest is a playful yellow-green that will bring life to kitchens, living spaces and bedrooms alike. However, be sure not to overdo the look. Too much green paired with dark furniture can make a space look closed in, so focus on bringing a few neutral colours into the space, too. For instance, light wicker chairs in a living space or tan cupboards in the bathroom will help balance out the overall impact.

Sky and sea

For a room that's completely soothing and stress-free, consider powdery shades of blue paired with ocean-inspired hues. 

A living space or bathroom inspired by the naturally relaxing tones of the sea and sky can turn a previously dull space into on that's truly charming. A whimsical blue such as Resene Tradewind is a breath of fresh air in bathrooms and living rooms alike. 

However, it's important not to let the room appear too washed out. Gold picture frames or mirrors add welcome sparkle to the space and pair nicely with cool white accessories. Alternatively, add navy accents or a deep blue feature wall to create maximum impact in any space.

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