Does your photo sound the way it looks?

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but what about sounds?

If colour was a song, what would it sound like? Perhaps it's time you found out – but beware, this will destroy any hopes you had of productivity today.

Resene has teamed up with Wellingtonian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Age Pryor to create the Resene Colour DJ.

Age is a founding member of both the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and The Woolshed Sessions, as well as a contributor to Kiwi band Fly My Pretties and when you mix him with 272 of Resene's funkiest and most musical colours, you get a little bit of magic.

Start by uploading a photo from your computer (it only takes a moment) so that the Colour DJ can pick out various hues and match them to Resene paint colours.

Once this clever technology has matched photo colours to paint colours, it matches those paint colours to the musical stylings of Mr Pryor.

Principal colours are chosen from your image, and you can then click and drag them into the 'sound stage', and make your own symphony of sound.

Purples, blues and pale pinks in an image will match with colours like Resene Wistful to create sweet flute melodies, whereas a calm grey might match Resene Smokescreen for some eerie – yet beautiful – tones.

The delicious plummy tones of Resene Ce Soir (meaning 'this evening' in French) will throw the sounds of a Parisian accordion into the mix.

So do your photos sound as good as they look?

If you're not happy with the resulting symphony from your picture, simply load a new one and start over!

Who said paint can't be fun?

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