Design a homework-friendly kids’ room

Designing a kids' room that's conducive to education as well as play is a smart move.

Getting children to sit down and do their homework doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, you can inspire young minds by creating a space that fosters imagination and learning.

Sure, a colourful kids' playroom is a great addition to any home, but why not create a multipurpose room that's good for both work and play? Here are some home decorating ideas for livening up this space.

Inject lots of colour

Shades like Resene Miso and Resene Bluegrass are on-trend, but they're also very subdued. This makes them a good pick for your shared living space or master bedroom, but less so for a kids' room.

Of course, fuchsia or lime green walls might make for a fun space, but they require an immense amount of bravery!

Strike the right balance by selecting a shade that kids will like, without affecting the rest of your home's decor. For instance, a colour like Resene Whale Tail is a deep blue that's sure to make a splash. Pair it with bright green, crisp white and fire truck red accents around the room.

You can stick with safe colours on the walls and more daring shades on moveable items or furniture. This is a clever compromise between colours the kids want in their special space and ensuring the re-sale value of your home.

Create a thinking station

In order to promote swift homework completion, you'll need to set up an area where kids can complete their homework easily.

If they're likely to get distracted, face a desk against a wall, rather than a window. 

Ensure the desk is big enough to accommodate scrapbooks, library books and any other items that children will need to refer to when completing their work. If you have multiple kids, an oversized square desk in the middle of the room could be a good option. 

Comfortable seating is a must to keep kids focused on their work. Chairs with adjustable backs and back support are a good option. Alternatively, you could repurpose old dining chairs – give them a lick of Resene Elvis or Resene Origin for a rollicking good time. Place a soft cushion on each chair to provide extra height and comfort, too.

Invest in smart storage options

No matter the activity, there's sure to be an item that's needed. From pencils and erasers to books and more, you'll need to invest in appropriate storage to keep the space tidy.

For some, a tidy space helps ensure productive work. Wicker baskets are an inexpensive yet smart way to store items, while spaghetti tins that have had sharp edges sanded down act as cheap yet cheerful containers for pencils, pens and felt-tip pens.

Label baskets to keep every last item in its rightful place or paint them using Resene Blackboard Paint and write the contents on the outside using chalk.

Have crayons and paper on hand

Sometimes, it's easier to express an idea by drawing pictures or producing brainstorm diagrams.

This is no less true for little ones, who are learning about everything from the solar system to ancient history.

Oversized notepads or a roll of paper, are worth having on hand. Make sure there are plenty of crayons as well. 

Between work and play, kids will never want to leave the space!

Hang a whiteboard and calendar

Between sports practices and assignments, there's plenty to keep track of as a parent. Create a whiteboard on your wall in the study area using Resene Write-on Wall Paint to keep track of everything and reduce stress.

On one half of the whiteboard, write upcoming events in the next fortnight or month.

The other half of the whiteboard can be reserved for kids to doodle, dream up creative ideas or write down important facts or mathematical equations that will assist with their homework.

Use Resene Magnetic Magic as a basecoat on one of the walls and your children can use it as an art gallery of their work by hanging their favourite pictures using magnetic strips or quality magnets, without putting holes in your walls.

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