Capture colours with the Resene App

Smartphones are brilliant aren't they? Need a torch? There's a torch app. Need a translator? Download the translator app. Need a dictionary? Select one of hundreds available.

Now you can download the Resene ColourMatch App on iPhones and androids.

This app can add a handy device to the toolbox for any professional interior designer, or turn any home owner into a paint expert.

Download the app, and the next time you see a colour you love – whether it be a friend's shirt, a beach, a sunset, the sky or the hue of a passing car – you can snap it with your phone and the innovative technology in the app will match it to the closest Resene paint colour.

And with Resene's colour library being home to thousands of colours, it's likely you'll find an excellent match.

The system is instant, so you can snap a colour anywhere you want, anytime.

Any colour can then be saved into your favourites so you can find them again later on, email it to a friend, take it to your designer as a suggestion, or take it into a store to see if you can find something that matches.

You can even use the app to access the Resene Colour Palette Generator to create a whole palette of colours that will complement the one you snapped, just by touching the screen.

Once you start using the app, you'll be hooked. You'll start noticing the fantastic array of colours around you in the environment that you usually barely even see – and then you'll be able to recreate the colour schemes from nature in your own home.


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