Bohemian beachy bach: Revamping your holiday home for summer

With summer around the corner, those of you with a holiday home or bach might be wondering which house maintenance is needed for it before the family and friends move in.

Now would be a good time to start planning your to-do list for this purpose. Your list may include tasks as simple as getting some new bedsheets, duvets and pillows to update the space. On the other hand, you might need to give the walls another coat of paint to breathe life back into the bach. 

Why not take both options one step further by revamping your holiday home with the latest trend in interior design: Boho-chic?

Bohemian beauty is making its way back, from fashion runways to upholstery textiles and even interior design. The 1970s are making a comeback with bold prints, tassels, hippie-love floral imagery and fringe, fringe and more fringe.

Best of all, bohemian styling works really well in a beachy bach – think curtains tied with gold tassels, exotic rugs, backyard picnics on patterned sheets with a mountain of cushions, and pretty sea shells in sandy jars with beaded bracelets wrapped around the lid. Oh, and crystals! It's a recipe for a ravishing revamp. Here's a handy guide for achieving this look. 

Oriental textile bedspread

Use plain white sheets as the base, then layer on a bright red or deep amber duvet. Drape Indian sari cloth, mirrored Turkish scarves or belly-dancer jingling belts over the bed's frame or headboard. For the cushions, balance out soft, comfortable fabrics with more decorative pieces that are covered in sequins or mirrors.

Bedside boho bliss 

For your bedside table, keep incense burners beside a bouquet of wild flowers instead of a fancy floral arrangement. Candles placed in little votives beside a Buddha statue also look great in this style. Eccentric touches include keeping a stack of tarot cards beside the vase, or finding your birth stone crystal in stone or rock formation and keeping it near your bed for 'good energy'.

You'd be surprised by how much of a difference such a peaceful, positive boho bedroom in your holiday home can have on your overall health and fitness. According to a study sponsored by Nuffield Health, one of the UK's largest healthcare charities, taking regular holidays resulted in a reduction in blood pressure by 6 per cent and an improvement in sleep quality by 17 per cent. In contrast, workers who did not take their annual leave or vacation enough had an increase in blood pressure by 2 per cent over the same time period and a loss of sleep quality by 14 per cent.

Let the incense and peaceful bedroom imagery lull you and your guests into a delightful sleep to combat stress and return back to work fully recharged! 

Bright, bold walls 

A great way to instantly get a bohemian feel to your bach is by repainting the walls in warm, bold , bright hues – even if you don't paint the entire bach, a feature wall in these statement colours is sure to set the tone. Try Resene JuicyResene Burnt SiennaResene SpotlightResene Terracotta PinkResene Shirley Temple. For a metallic touch glinting like an armful of bangles, opt for Resene Copper Fire

Lounging in lace

Ethereal, vintage lace is an iconic fabric associated with the bohemian style. Use lace tablecloths or placemats in the dining space to keep with the trend. For the living areas, take the cosy comfort up a level to keep the vacation atmosphere alive with velvet throws over the sofa and shaggy rugs under the coffee table. 

For added boho-chic oomph, hang up an embroidered artwork without a frame by nailing it to the wall. Thai elephants, or a wild psychedelic pattern, are ideal fabric choices for this look. 

Cheers to your bohemian beachy bach this summer holiday! 

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