Around the world in 5 wall murals

Grab your passport, it's time to jet off around the world simply by taking a tour of your own home!

These five Resene Environmental Graphics wall murals can instantly transport to you lands far away, so think of your house as a setting in French author Jules Verne's famous novel Around the World in Eighty Days and explore the globe.

1) France

Delight in the evening glow of the Eiffel Tower thanks to the Paris lights mural, captured by esteemed artist and photographer James Blakeway. Breathtaking pink and purple skies stretch behind the lights of the Parisian skyline, adding a French kiss to your walls. 

2) The Mediterranean 

Sapphire waves lap against the sandy shores in the Mediterranean arch mural, sure to put you in a relaxing holiday mood. Feel as though you are stepping onto the balcony surrounded by blooming flowers every day.

3) Las Vegas, baby!

Flashing lights along the famous strip, full of energy as people dance and try their luck with the dice, can jolt into your home thanks to the Vegas lights mural. Ideal for modern decor in tones of white and red, this mural is sure to be the talk of the town when guests come over for a dinner party.

4) Italy

Ahh, Italia. The stunning pastures of Tuscany, glowing golden and orange in the afternoon sunlight, can grace your home with the Uzzano mural. A charming countryside villa set against farmland can offer a rustic backdrop for your kitchen. You could feel as though you can pluck the fruits growing in the vineyard yourself!

5) The whole world

It's your oyster. The World map mural literally brings the globe to your doorstep, an ideal choice for wall-to-wall coverage in an office or study. Plan the rest of your travels with inspiration never leaving your sight as this map guides you on many adventurous journeys!

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