Are you familiar with wall decals?

If you operate in the home-decorating sector, you may be familiar with wall decals.

These beautiful graphics have taken the interior design world by storm and are currently working their magic in modern homes all over the world.

If you want to transform an otherwise blank wall into a work of art that really packs a punch, add a wall decal.

While it may be quick and easy to apply one of these, we promise it will look as though a professional spent many hours painting this decoration just for you and your client's room.

You can apply wall decals to both interior and exterior surfaces, where they will have a life expectancy of five and three years, respectively.

Just remember that the surface you choose to put them on must be completely smooth and should be cleaned thoroughly before the wall decal is applied.

If you've been trawling the Resene website for home decorating ideas, you may have discovered that we have wall decals for both adults and children.

So, if your client is looking for a way to make their child's room stylish and unique, check out Resene's range of wall decals and paint online.

If you are having a hard time deciding which wall decal to use in a particular room or space, try taking inspiration from the objects surrounding you.

For instance, you can bring out the colour in a funky piece of furniture by finding a wall decal that matches it. This will give the room a real sense of unity and dazzle your client!

You can also place wall decals strategically around the room so that they complement your furniture in other ways.

We have seen some great examples of wall decals being used in the place of bedheads. Your client can simply choose a design they like, and you can make sure it's located behind their bed!

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