An A-Z guide of the Resene Multi-finish range: I

Resene Island Spice is an inspiring choice for this kitchen.

Intriguing, inviting and inspiring – the colours you choose to paint your interior are an important part of achieving the right impression and mood. To ensure your home is as individual as you are, it helps to familiarise yourself with the hues available and the impact they can have on your property.

Resene's team of specialists and colour experts can help you choose the right shade from the incredible range available online and in store. For just some of the intriguing shades offered at Resene, we are sharing a few examples as we work through the alphabet from A to Z.

To help give your home a unique identity, let's take a look at the Multi-finish colours that start with the letter I:

Resene Illusion

Resene Illusion is a soft and sensuous pink, perfect for a child's bedroom or simply added to a bright and varied scheme to achieve carnival cool anywhere your own home. Pair with Resene Sail or Resene Carousel Pink for a truly inspiring funhouse theme.

Resene In The Mauve

For a more subdued interior, the wispy grey of Resene In The Mauve is an intriguing hue containing a hint of purple. This is a great choice for walls and roofs, and can be partnered with Resene Amethyst Smoke in a soft and warm colour scheme or with Resene Vortex for a bolder design.

Resene Innuendo

Resene Innuendo is another warm grey, introducing a unique moodiness into your home. This hue is a mysterious tone, hailing from soft mink and whispers of violet.

If you want to incorporate splashed of Innuendo through your home, considering complementing the colour with Resene Quarter Spanish White, as a base shade in entryways, kitchens and bedrooms. 

Resene Intrigue

For something a little bolder, Resene Intrigue can easily match many colour schemes and designs in your home. A jack of all trades, this earth-brown hue calls back to the Navajo Indians and brings more natural tones into play. 

This is also a good pairing for Marsala – the 2015 Pantone colour of the year – when coupled with a bright off-white, such as Resene Double Marino.

Resene Irish Coffee

Resene Irish Coffee is a delicious addition to any home, as this mouth-watering Blarney brown can help perk up the morning brew in your kitchen, dining room or lounge. Softer toned than some other browns, this wooden hue pairs well with cool blue grey greens, earth brown oxides or ash greens, such as Resene Burnham.

If you are wanting to paint a forest-inspired collage or feature on your walls, Irish Coffee is a great place to start, as this shade inspires thoughts of earthy landscapes and aged wood.

Resene Island Spice

For warm bathrooms, inspiring kitchens or just inviting entryways, Resene Island Spice is an ideal choice. This spicy apricot and creme-inspired tone reflects warmth and light with undertones of yellow, making it a great option to brighten your home.

Pairing with off-blues can highlight the warmer tones, so try matching with Resene Zircon or Resene Aqua Spring for a light and airy interior.

Resene Ivy Green

A traditional deep green, Resene Ivy Green is a classy and independent tone perfect for both warmer and cooler schemes.

When matched with Resene Burnt Umber or Resene Gooseberry, you can easily achieve an intriguing earthy collage or scheme. The natural tone makes it a great addition to rooms with plenty of natural features – like a conservatory or lounge, particularly when paired with plenty of plants.

To ensure your interior design captures your individual identity, try one or more of these inspiring and invigorating Multi-finish colours that start with the letter I.

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