An A-Z guide of the Resene Multi-finish range: G

Resene Geronimo makes this outdoor space come alive.

Goodness gracious, there are a lot of colours in the Resene Multi-Finish Range. It can seem like a lot to work through when you are deciding on a new paint job for your home from our colour wheel, but that's why our team of specialists are on hand to help. In addition to this, we've got this great profile on some of the gorgeous gems that we provide. Today, let's look at colours beginning with G. 

Resene Geronimo

"I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures."

So goes the song of Geronimo, the legendary Native American leader. We like to think that Resene Geronimo carries some of this spirit as well, judging by how well it suits outdoor areas. A deep pink red colour that makes for a soft addition to outdoor walls and complements natural wood colours excellently, it's a great pick for any home with a backyard space. 

We call it sociable and versatile, especially with the comments you're likely to get when it becomes part of your home's colour scheme. One colour Geronimo always works well with is the bright, clear blue sky. As for shades from elsewhere in our range that work well, consider contrasting Geronimo with Resene Blondee or Resene Decadence for a great outdoor look. 

Resene Gordons Green

Like seeing an old friend for the first time in years, Resene Gordons Green exudes familiarity, grace and friendliness. But which Gordon could it refer to? Gordon Ramsay, whose culinary skills and celebrity status could make other chefs go green with envy? Legendary rugby sevens coach Gordon Tietjens, who made his mark on the green of the rugby field? Perhaps even former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown?

There are many different Gordons, and many different greens, but only one Resene Gordons Green. A dark, sensitive shade of green that is great for cooler rooms, it can function nicely as a colour for the trim of a home's exterior. It could also look great on the railings of a front or back porch. 

Resene Gelato

Ever the popular choice of dessert for anyone in a rush, gelato is the Italian-based soft ice cream sorbet that everyone loves. Light, colourful and tasteful, it can be found almost anywhere these days. As for Resene Gelato, it's a stunning cherry pink that immediately grabs the eye and is great for bathrooms and themed bedrooms alike. 

If you're using purple colours in your home decorating, then Resene Gelato is a great complementary choice. We don't want to be so reductive as to just say it's a pretty colour, but sometimes that's all you need to describe something. It's simple and elegant, and certainly puts the G in grace for this post. 

Resene Gothic

The medieval architecture style known as 'gothic' was prevalent right across Europe during the middle of last millennium, and many buildings continue with the theme today. Bold, imposing and magnificent, gothic architecture cuts a stunning figure on any skyline.

Resene Gothic matches this with it's darker pastel blue tones, but is softened somewhat with a touch of yellow. While it seems serious, Resene Gothic also partners well with children​'s furniture and other bright colours to bring out the playfulness of a room – a truly versatile colour. 

As you can see, even just within the colours beginning with the letter G, there is a wide range of options available for your next paint project. Have a browse through the rest of the range and see what suits your home. 

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