An A-Z guide of the Resene Multi-finish range: F

Resene Fahrenheit really heats up the room!

For a fantastic, effervescent paint colour to complement your interior design, the Resene Multi-finish range is hard to pass over. There is an endless range of shades available to suit any kind of room or mood, and here we will highlight some stunning examples as we work through the alphabet from A to Z. 

For this instalment, it's the fresh, fabulous flavours found under the letter F. 

Resene Fahrenheit

A very rich take on raisin red, Resene Fahrenheit is a great colour to use this autumn if you are redecorating for the cooler months. Red and brown tones are always great for matching the deepening of tree colours around the home. Colours this rich make for great feature walls, especially if your furniture is in a more neutral shade. It also makes for a deeper, more subdued, but no less inviting take on the classic red door look. 

It complements earthy colours very well: Think grey-brown shades with Fahrenheit popping out at you. It could even match well with blacker colours, and it combines nicely with the washed-off grey that comes with stone feature walls. 

Resene Fawn Green

The delicate beauty of the forest is one sight you'll get from Resene Fawn Green, which lights up any room with its fantastic yellow-green shades. It is right at home with other shades of green, and creates a great casual colour for use in the background. It won't dominate a room – rather, its neutrality makes it a great basis for a room where the attention is going to be focused elsewhere. 

One of its more curious uses that is very effective is as a lighter shade on camouflage patterns. Mixed with colours like Resene Forest Green, Resene Eternity and Resene Mission Brown it creates the classic camo look that can be done for a fun touch to a kids' room in a flash. 

Resene Flotsam

Also able to be used as a Coolcolour in some applications, Resene Flotsam is a suave grey that blends well with other monochrome themes – perfect for the minimalist household or for a home that is aiming for a blank slate look. This can come in handy when selling a home, as it allows potential buyers to project their own vision onto a home without too much existing emotion getting in the way, 

A touch of lilac in this colour brings a floral edge that can be very appealing, and the dirtied white stops it from being too bright and overbearing. 

Resene Finn

This colour can perform a similar function to the aforementioned Fahrenheit, but Resene Finn is more of a grape shade that can take more of a centre stage role. It is excellent in combination with bright whites, like you would find in a kitchen. Lining the sides of a wall in Finn with white moldings is a great touch if your home has such a feature. 

This warm colour is also versatile in the other colours it can match with – from earthy colours like Resene Stonewall to the grey-blue excellence of Resene Oxygen, it is truly at home anywhere. 

Resene Fountain Blue

This water blue is a deep, inviting colour to round out our coverage of the letter F.  The aquatic theme to this colour makes it great for splashbacks and small feature corners in holiday homes or seaside resort buildings, bringing the ocean indoors without getting anyone wet.

Resene Fountain Blue is another versatile colour as well. It is a companion piece to Resene Midnight Express just as easily as it matches with the romantic tones of Resene Bouquet.

There are many options available when you want to paint anything around the home – keep browsing the Resene Multi-finish range to see the rest. 

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