An A-Z guide of the Resene Multi-finish range: E

Resene Ecstasy helps this wall to really stand out.

Elegant, exquisite, eventful: The letter E can carry the full spectrum of emotion and evocation, and the range of multi-finish colours on hand from Resene lives up to this. From deep forest shades that relax the mind through to exciting hues from the red palette, our next piece in the A-Z guide to the multi-finish range is sure to entice the senses.

Resene Eternity

At the murkier end of the E spectrum lies Resene Eternity. At home in the bush or forest, this colour also functions well when used on native timbers. For the outdoor lifestyle or a reclusive cabin in the woods, Eternity is something that should definitely be considered. Offering tranquility, relaxation and a dark corner to relax by the fire, Eternity evokes comfort and style, as well as a rugged closeness to nature. 

It is also a fantastic colour for making certain elements of the home stand out. If using a colour like Resene Tea for the main features of a house, Eternity provides a stunning counterpoint for trim, or front and garage doors. The underlying yellow tones catch the eye without demanding its attention, and the complexities of this dark green shade serve to calm and intrigue. 

Resene Ecstasy 

According to Plotinus, a Hellenistic period philosopher, a state of ecstasy is one where you move towards the culmination of your being, finding your true 'oneness'.  While we can't guarantee that Resene Ecstasy will help you reach your full potential in the same way, it will liven up exterior walls and feature rooms in a way quite unlike any you've seen before. 

This tangerine dream of a colour has found a home in many people's designs, including at the Leading edge Group. This business says it used a Paul Smith stripe along a 20 metre feature wall, with seven key colours – including Ecstasy.

While it works magnificently as part of a wider scheme, on its own Ecstasy can function as an uplifting, zesty punch to a property. 

Resene Espresso

Warm, invigorating and a sure sign of a good day ahead, Resene Espresso acts just like that first coffee of the day. This rich, dark colour is actually a brown based red, which gives it a warming effect not unlike wrapping yourself up in your favourite warm robe. 

It's a colour for the home that knows how to relax, providing a tight embrace for sleeping and reposing areas. Work it in with lighter colours like Dutch White or Napa for fantastic combinations that can make living areas feel like a cosy cafe, or the bedrooms like a slice of laid-back royal living. 

Resene Endorphin

For the active household, a colour scheme is needed to reflect that vibrancy and clarity of vision. Lining window frames and doors with Resene Endorphin provides a refreshing statement about this level of activity, without overpowering a home. This colour can really snap out of a kitchen, especially when used around fresh white tiling. 

Endorphin is also incredibly versatile, and can work in conjunction with a number of colours, from the green-based Wellywood through to Sensual Red, offering a dose of energy to a wide range of moods. If you want to make cabinetry stand out, then Endorphin also offers a revitalising opportunity to move outside of the box. 

The multi-finish range on display from Resene is vast and can cater to any mood, setting, even or person. As we continue on our way through the alphabet of the range, we hope to inspire you to perhaps take a bold step in a new direction, to ease into a relaxing new shade, or simply find a new you through a fantastic paint colour. 

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