An A-Z guide of the Resene Multi-finish range: D

This child's bedroom utilises Resene Daredevil to highlight a feature wall.

After delving into the delights of decorating the dining room, or dusting off the dressers of your debonair den, you might be stuck for ideas on what to paint next. 

To help you sift through the deluge of paint choices – from the drab to the divine – here is the continuing list of our fantastic Multi-finish range guide: The letter D.

Resene Daredevil

At first glance you might consider Resene Daredevil a hue of red. Yet look closer and the citrus vibrancy of orange begins to become apparent. The reality is that this daring tone is somewhere between the two, meaning it is perfect for both the inspiration and passion that red inspires, as well as the warmth and gentle summer's glow that orange can bring. A brilliant way to add this to your home would be to paint a door or two in the colour. There is nothing more welcoming than coming home after a long day's work to a bright, luminous front door that encourages you inside with a smile on your face. A Resene Daredevil door would be particularly effective at the end of a neutral-styled hallway, as it adds the exclamation point of colour to an otherwise colourless area.

Resene Dark Buff

Resene Dark Buff is a gentle brown with delicious hints of ginger. It brings out a natural pinewood appeal in whatever surface you use it on, but doesn't require you to actually paint it on wood. Though there are uncountable areas within the home that you could get Resene Dark Buff splashed on to and fall instantly in love with, you should instead consider utilising it outdoors. Let this beautiful hue inspire you to repaint your roof! A lighter brown such as this stands out gorgeously on a brightly painted exterior, especially when surrounded by luscious green lawns and some fresh evergreen trees. If your exterior wouldn't suit the brown roof, instead make sure to try the CoolColour variant of Resene Dark Buff on your outdoor dining set.

Resene Destiny

Maybe it was fortune that brought you to looking at this colour, or maybe it was destiny. Resene Destiny is an attractive blue-grey-green colour which doesn't lean too heavily in any of those three directions. For this reason, it makes for a distinctly usable wall colour and you should definitely experiment with a Resene Destiny testpot when deciding on colour wheel ideas. Try out this colour in your lounge, especially if you have prominent architectural highlights on the walls. Use Resene Destiny as your primary colour, then splash on something contrastingly bright, such as a white, to highlight your fireplace, crown mouldings and any other three-dimensional feature.

Resene Dingley

Alongside acting as a peaceful and relaxing colour, a forest green such as Resene Dingley can also add a sense of classic luxury when used in a particular way. Homes that are comprised largely of wooden textures most benefit from this style, as the mixture of green and wood creates a natural woodland appeal, as well as an almost mid-20th Century look. You don't need to use much to get the effect, however, especially if you use it on something bold. Allow Resene Dingley to inspire your lamp fixture colour choices. Hanging pendants with green shades, or brass-style desk lamps with a green hood are both small ways to bring it into your home, and are even more powerful when lit up.

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