An A-Z guide of the Resene Multi-finish range: A

One of the great joys of painting a house is experimenting with different colour schemes and figuring out which is best for your tastes.

There are quite a lot of paint colours to choose from, however, so where do you even start looking? Rather than try out every possible paint swatch and testpot on your walls as you sift through endless colour wheels, have a read through the beginning of our comprehensive suggestion guide to the Resene Multi-finish range, starting with the letter A.

Resene Afterburner

Resene Afterburner is a yellow/brown-red with a gentle orange glow. Red is an energetic colour for conversation and inspiration, so what better place to put it than in a brand new modern kitchen? A red glass splashboard behind the stove in a hue such as Resene Afterburner will be striking and fun, without being too much for the eyes. You could also match this with hanging pendant lights from the ceiling, using a similarly styled glass lampshade also in the tone. 

Resene Alaska

Resene Alaska sits somewhere between a genuine neutral grey and a lighter hue. It's not as icy blue as many bright grey neutrals can be, though it is still on the lighter side of being an exact centre point between black and white. Because of this, it's an incredibly versatile wall colour in most contemporary homes looking for that neutral look. Where some people find whites and beiges too bright or sterile, grey such as Resene Alaska adds a sense of classiness, though without detracting from any feature decorations by being too strong.

Resene Amulet

Resene Amulet is a fairly muted, pastel light green. It's great for adding a cheerful little splash of colour to a space, especially in an area that is otherwise lacking in it. For example, many contemporary homes use neutrals to decorate the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and just about everything else. Though there's nothing wrong with that, it can give a house a certain 40s Noir film appeal. To counteract this, toss a few cushions in a hue akin to Resene Amulet on some of the couches, especially black ones, and then add little ornaments of the same colour to match around the room. Ornamental apples work well, as do vases.

Resene Arrowroot

Resene Arrowroot offers a bright white appeal without being too cold. It's that exact reason that many interior decorating specialists like to use yellow-hued off-whites as highlights around a space, giving a sense of cheerfulness and warmth. As well as walls and decorative architectural features, you can also use it for some furniture. In almost any room, a leather lounge suite in a tone akin to Resene Arrowroot would be a welcoming sight.

Resene Azure

Some people find blue either too depressing or too cold in a space, however Resene Azure is muted just enough to fit into neither category. Instead, you can get this medium-toned blue into your home in a variety of ways. For example, Resene Azure works extraordinarily well in a bathroom, especially if you use a similar tone for tiling patterns on the walls or around the bath itself. When used this way it gives a luxury spa appeal and a sense of the ocean. If the pattern on your tiles is designed the right way and combined with a lighter hue of blue, you can give the space an almost Turkish bath style. 

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