7 colours minimalists will love

A subtle blue can add colour to a room while maintaining a sleek and clean feel.

A minimalist home should be an oasis of calm and well-being. The pared-down nature of minimalism means using elements that create a serene and simple space, without stumbling into the realm of boring and lifelessness. Typically, the focus is on a select few quality materials or features, with the aim of avoiding clutter and creating a peaceful environment.

Minimalism in the home is often associated with white walls and black accents, but that doesn't always have to be the case. There are a range of contemporary, muted hues that work wonderfully in a minimalist house. For anyone with a deep love of clean lines and simple colour palettes, these shades could lift a design from sterile to cosy, without compromising the minimalist style.

The pared-down nature of minimalism means using elements that create a serene and simple space.

Resene Kalgoorie Sands 

A soothing light brown, Resene Kalgoorie Sands exudes a sense of stability and security. Brown might seem like a boring shade to put on your walls, but this hue is perfect for living areas. Minimalist living rooms can come across as cold, but this shade of brown has a warming effect, without dominating the room. When matched with lighter furniture, the overall effect is calming and comforting. 

Resene Alaska

A cool and sophisticated blue, Resene Alaska is aesthetically pleasing without being overpowering. Ideal for any room in the house, a blue this shade works particularly well in children's bedrooms. As well as being peaceful, blue is thought to promote deep sleep, according to a study by hotel firm Travelodge.

Pale blue is seen often in Scandinavian minimalism, a style which masters the art of creating open spaces. This type of minimalism is also known for incorporating occasional pops of colour into decor.  Happily, against a blue of this shade, small dashes of another colour, such as red, are amplified. 

Adding touches of blue gives a room a calming vibe, while highlighting red accents. Adding touches of blue gives a room a calming vibe, while highlighting red accents.

Resene Dover White 

Minimalism traditionally revolves around neutrals and Resene Dover White offers a twist on standard white. This shade brings calm into a room, with an air of understated confidence that works well in living areas. To avoid making your home appear dull, introducing clean whites or more intense colours will play off this shade. 

Resene Grey Friars 

Dark walls can be calming, especially in the bedroom. Dark colours create a cocooning and intimate feel while adding a touch of mystery. Pure black can be overwhelming, however, so a rich grey like Resene Grey Friars can pull off the same depth without such a strong impact. Using white and black in warmer or cooler tones is a great way to mix up classic monochrome minimalist colour schemes, and this grey works effortlessly alongside whites or light creams. 

Resene Lusty and Resene Carpe Diem 

A sleek style doesn't have to exclude colour completely, and adding a feature wall in one rich shade can also bring life into a room without threatening the overall calm. Even minimalists will love the warm tones of Resene Carpe Diem. Its sunny feel gives a warm and reassuring touch to any room, negating the coolness typically associated with minimalism. Orange is thought to aid digestion according to a report by the BBC, so this colour would be particular suited to a kitchen or dining area. Resene Lusty is a richer orange red, which brings the energetic and adventurous feel of classic red, but with less punch. 

Resene Caper 

To avoid a sterile look, bringing natural elements in a room can enliven a minimalist space. The playful green Resene Caper has a natural feel that is restful and inspiring. It's subtle enough to be used on a whole room, but works equally well when confined to one wall. Fresh and airy, this kind of green is complemented by natural wooden furniture and lots of natural light. 

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