5 ways with orange

There's nothing quite as invigorating as embracing zingy orange in your home, whether it's on your walls or incorporated into furniture, artwork or curtains.

This daring shade is a sure-fire way to liven up a space, but it's important to use it wisely. Too much of this juicy hue can be overpowering. It needs to be paired with the right colours too, whether it's a bold blue or neutral white. 

Wall decals

If you want to embrace shades such as Resene West Side or Resene Chilean Fire but feel nervous about coating all your walls in these vivacious shades, why not opt for wall decals?

You can embrace bold colours and use geometric patterns to create a lively wall design, without committing to something that's a bit to daring for your liking.

Wall decals don't just add colour – they act as a form of artwork, too. Place them on a crisp white wall for maximum impact. 

Lamp shades

Hanging lampshades are the perfect specimen for orange experiments. 

Bulbous shade can be painted on the exterior to bring instant colour to a space. Alternatively, you can paint the interior of the lampshades, which can warm the light emitted. This is a great choice in living spaces and adds a playful touch. 

Terracotta cool

Perhaps you're a keen orange fan, but want to adopt a more subdued approach. 

Consider playing around with terracotta shades for your home's exterior. Something like Resene Hot August could be the perfect pick for your home. It works particularly well with Mediterranean-style homes with flat roofs as well as brick-clad townhouses.


Tangerine-hued cushions look fantastic on a beige, cream or tan sofa. 

You can add splashes of orange throughout the living room and bedrooms with the addition of some bold cushions. A mohair throw could be a plus in the winter, too.

Sometimes minute touches can make a striking impact. If you've got some old cream or white cushions that are in need of some live, consider stitching orange velvet or grosgrain ribbons around the edges for a splash of vitality.

If you embrace orange with accessories such as cushions, you can play this up by painting the tops of coffee tables or cupboards' interiors with the same shade. Part of the fun is ensuring this playful colour is enjoyed throughout the home!


Just as orange looks striking with crisp white or warm cream, it also pairs marvellously with black. 

However, painting your home's interior entirely black could be too bold a move – particularly if your rooms aren't particularly large. Instead, pick a feature for the royal treatment, such as a desk or kitchen island.

Seize the day with Resene Carpe Diem, which looks fantastic on desk legs or the lower part of a kitchen island. The top part can be painted black and finished with a high-shine gloss, for huge impact. These projects can revitalise your kitchen or home office, without needing a complete paint job.

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