5 ways to create a fresh home office space

Settling into a day's work at the office is commonplace. For many people, the location is a place they're intimately familiar with – their own home. 

If you work from home or spend time catching up on tasks during the evenings, it's essential to set up a home office with the right environment. Perhaps you're considering working from home in the future, in which case you'll appreciate some of these great decorating ideas.

Inspiring colours

Need to get your creativity flowing or tackle difficult management problems? No matter your industry, you may find yourself up against some tricky issues that require smart solutions.

A home office that's drab is hardly a space for creative thought. You can boost your productivity by picking the right colours. However, you also want to retain the resale value of your home, so consider a striking feature wall against more muted tones. 

Give three walls a lick of Resene Half Cougar and add the honey-inspired warmth of Resene Galliano to a fourth wall.

Plenty of desk space 

A large desk is ideal for storing files, a desktop or laptop and any other writing, typing or work-related tools that you may need. 

You could even sand down a large wooden desk and paint it the same colour as your feature wall to make the space pop.

Areas for inspiration

While a desk is important to knuckle down and get work done, this shouldn't be the sole focus. 

Along with this essential piece of furniture, considering creating a nook for inspiration. This could be as simple as adding a comfy chair and bookshelf to one corner of the space. 

When you're stuck for ideas at your desk, take a 15-minute breather and curl up in your inspiration corner. Instead of considering the desk the main focus of your home office, move around the space as you need to in order to get inspiration and work more productively.

Light up the room

You can't go wrong with plenty of natural light. 

Pull the curtains open during the day and utilise a desk lamp, too. During the evening, make sure there's light in the whole space, rather than crouching near a single lamp.

Choose bulbs with a softer glow and adjust your computer monitor's brightness so it's not overpowering.

Consider the placement of your desk as well. You want to be able to sneak a glance outside, but arranging the desk perpendicular to the windows means you'll get all the benefits of natural light without become distracted, as you could if you were directly facing the window.

A green scene

You should certainly focus on creating a professional space that you can work productively in, which means avoid excess clutter or distraction electronic equipment, such as a television. 

Getting the environment right can help you work more effectively and a few indoor plants can help create an area that you love to work in. Orchids are a great choice.

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