3 positively gorgeous kids’ bedroom ideas

Designing a child's bedroom can be a thrill. But are you striking the right balance between fun and practicality?

After all, your kids will grow out of this space eventually, so you want to have flexibility to repurpose the space at some point in time. That said, there's no point painting the walls with crisp Resene Sea Fog and leaving the rest to your children's imaginations – you want to incorporate some bright colours or perhaps perfect pastel hues. 

Here are some absolutely gorgeous interior design ideas for bedrooms that strike this balance expertly. Not only will your kids love the space, but you will too!

Natural cool

If you've explored shades like Resene Friar Grey or Resene Surrender in your living room or bathroom, you might be wondering whether you can extend these chic shades into a child's room.

On one hand, shades of grey – either neutral or with undertones of blue – are easy to match to furniture, curtains and flooring. On the other hand, they're hardly inspiring, right?

That's not quite the case. You can create a fantastic vibe in a child's room by pairing grey with off-white and plenty of natural wood finishes. Add accents in navy blue and plenty of quality bedding in white and cream. Plush pillows and blankets with thick textures will create a cosy vibe.

Use Resene Blackboard Paint to create a wall that allows kids to get super creative.

Neutral hues don't have to be boring – they can actually create a very cosy room. 

Ditch the pink

Pastel pink can be a top pick for kids' rooms. But if you're nervous about going over the walls with a hue inspired by fairy floss, there is a solution. 

Instead of opting for candy-like paint hues, instead choose a richer shade like Resene Turkish Rose, which has a mysterious, musky feel to it. Or give Resene La Bamba a try – it's a rich orange-red that's fun without being too fiery. Both these shades are great for bedrooms.

Use colours like these for a feature wall then use off-white paint for the ceiling, coves and other walls. Cream carpets and a quirky lampshade will create a room that's full of fun, without being overly impractical in years to come.

You'll easily be able to convert the space into a home office once the kids leave the nest. Even as your child grows older in the space, they'll be able to decorate in line with their preferences, without clashing with the simple colour scheme.

Don't forget the fun accessories if you pick this colour scheme – think wicker baskets, framed pictures, painted furniture and frames, and a bed with an intricate headboard.

Purple surprise

Maybe it was the oversized dinosaur that did it – kids love purple. 

But are you hesitant about embracing shades from grape to blackcurrant in your home?

There's a solution to this dilemma that may face you, without having to lose the purple altogether. Firstly, you need to pick the right hue and secondly, you need to use it in the appropriate way.

Rather than taking to all four walls with sickly lilac or making your eyes hurt with electric shades of purple, opt for a more measured – yet fun – purple like Resene Loulou or Resene Fandango. These hues have a richness to them that will ensure kids' rooms remain timeless in years to come, while still maintaining a sense of fun.

Try pairing a lighter purple with a lime green – it's a great option for girls' rooms as an alternative to pink.  The green freshens the room and stops the purple from being too sweet.

You can play up the purple theme with accessories in similar shades or a simple bunch of lavender, which will keep the room smelling delightful.

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