3 hot spring-inspired colours for winter

As the weather starts getting cooler, a trip to your local hot springs resort may be in order. If you can't quite make it down to Hanmer Springs this year, you can try to bring the warm waters and cold mountains to your home.

Here are three colours inspired by the Canterbury hot springs, ideal for your winter decor:

On your walls

For a neutral approach, try Resene Pale Slate. This rocky base inspires thoughts of the snowy mountain ranges of the South Island, with just a hint of red and black tones invoking the tremors of the volcanic fields that fuel the nation's hot springs.

For the roof

In the snowy south, roofs are quite often painted in deeper, dark colours in order to absorb the sun's heat even on the coldest day. Capture this in your own home with the dark grey Resene Dune.

Along the trim

Looking for a fun feature and trim? The Hanmer Springs range includes a number of lively tones. Hunt out a deep berry purple or a brighter green, such as Resene Trendy Green, to really capture the surrounding forests and wildlife.

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