3 fun DIY paint ideas for a breakfast in bed tray

Breakfast in bed can be all the more sweet with a DIY painted tray.

There's no better way to enjoy a weekend than by staying in bed, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a cooked breakfast without so much as getting out of the covers. A handy breakfast-in-bed tray goes a long way, and there are ways to revitalise the simple tray into a work of art using DIY paint methods.

Here are just three of the many ways you can create a fun tray for your next rise and shine moment. Best of all, each of these trays can also be used on your nightstand or bedside table as catchalls for keeping notebooks, reading glasses and a cup of water.

1) Polka dotted perfection 

In many ways the easiest way to do a tray makeover, dabbing a brush in complementary colours and painting polka dots onto it is uncomplicated yet beautiful. Aim to pick three paint shades that work well together, either by sticking to the same colour palette or choosing a theme such as neon. For the latter, try spots of Resene Adrenalin, Resene Bright Lights and Resene Renew onto a white acrylic tray. 

2) Metallic splatter 

Plop a brush into metallic paint such as Resene Blast Yellow or Resene Allusive. Gold looks good against white, while silver pops over black – so pick a tray accordingly. Splatter the paint by jerking your hand over the tray, unleashing your inner abstract expressionist artist a la Jackson Pollock.

3) Chalkboard chic

It's no secret that blackboard paint is all the rage these days, with people using it for all manner of things. Craft stores and gift shops are even selling gift tags painted with chalkboard, so people can write 'to' and 'from' in chalk!

You can firstly use Resene Blackboard Paint to create this tray, and then use the leftovers to paint squares onto your Christmas gift wrapping this year – this DIY tip is sure to make your present stack stand out under the tree and give loved ones a personal touch as they unwrap their Xmas gift with a special chalk message. Stay tuned for more Christmas decor and interior design ideas on the Resene blog as we lead up to the silly season! 

To make a chic chalkboard tray, use any wooden tray and paint it with a coat of Resene Blackboard Paint. Voila! For an added burst of joy, place a small vase with flowers inside and write 'good morning' in chalk before delivering breakfast. The great thing about this tray is its versatility – Mother's Day brunches, birthdays, anniversaries or even a 'for the sake of it' surprise is easy as you can simply write a new chalk message every time!

Breakfast ideas for your trays

Any passionate chef will tell you that cooking is an art, and the way food is arranged and displayed is no different to thoughtfully laying brushstrokes on a canvas. Match your trays with these breakfast foods:

  • Orange juice served with waffles, drenched in maple syrup with fresh strawberries
  • Poached eggs served on brioche bun with streaky bacon and hollandaise sauce
  • Avocado smashed on toast with feta cheese and a squeeze of lemon 

See more ideas on decorating your tray in our projects gallery.

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