15 paint colours that the Mad Hatter would love for a tea party

"Up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky. Twinkle twinkle…" famously said the Mad Hatter in the iconic children's book Alice in Wonderland. 

Escape to this realm of fantasy by painting your walls in these tea-inspired shades. These 15 hues are all neutral tones that would look lovely in both vintage and modern homes, and can complement most interior decor. 

  1. Resene Tea
  2. Resene Thorndon Cream
  3. Resene Milk White
  4. Resene Brown Sugar
  5. Resene Eighth Tea
  6. Resene Truffle
  7. Resene Chocolate Fish
  8. Resene Quarter Tea
  9. Resene Biscuit Brown
  10. Resene Double Tea
  11. Resene Clotted Cream
  12. Resene Triple Tea
  13. Resene Milk Chocolate
  14. Resene Toffee
  15. Resene Double Biscotti

Why not invite a group of friends over for a tea party and sip a hot cuppa beside these colours? Lay out some cushions and snug rugs, plop down on the ground, and enjoy a scene right out of Wonderland. Serve sandwiches, pastries, cupcakes and sweet treats with a range of tea choices. You'd be mad not to! 

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