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BlackWhite, issue 04

Welcome to BlackWhite magazine

Within this period of upheaval is an opportunity to question the status quo and flex our creative muscles to find new – and perhaps even better – ways of doing things.

BlackWhite magazine, issue 04
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In a time when the only thing that we can be certain of is change, there have been plenty of moments of frustration. Whether it's because of a shortage in labour, materials, patience or time, this year has already been a tricky one fraught with challenges we've never been faced with before. But it has also underscored how adaptable we truly are. Within this period of upheaval is an opportunity to question the status quo and flex our creative muscles to find new – and perhaps even better – ways of doing things.

When you read this issue of BlackWhite, it will be easy to see those sorts of silver linings. The pages that follow are packed with incredibly imaginative folks who have successfully completed projects which, at kick-off, seemed utterly impossible. Others have come up with entirely new methods for addressing age-old problems. And it has been hugely satisfying to hear all your stories of ingenuity and cleverness firsthand.

As supply chains from overseas continue to sputter, Resene has been busy developing exciting and innovative new products and colours right in our own backyard and investing in new machinery and warehouse space. So even on the dark days where it seems I can't find a sheet of plywood to save my life, I find great comfort in knowing that the Resene paint and stain I need is being made locally.

I hope, like me, you too will find reassurance reading about other designers, specifiers, builders and painters that have kept pressing on against the odds who clearly aren't going to let a few late ships slow them down. After all, we've shown for many years that we only need a bit of Number 8 wire to hold the paddock together – and, of course, some Resene paint and wood stains to make it look great.

Happy reading!

Laura Lynn Johnston

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Welcome to BlackWhite issue o4


A word from Laura Lynn Johnston, BlackWhite's editor and Michael McInnarney, Resene Manufacturing Manager... more

Brighter days ahead - colour forcasting

Brighter days ahead

Discover the most fashionable hues to use now and the popular colours soon to come.

After a couple of bumpy years wrought with uncertainty, the world is slowly opening up again – and with that comes the triumphant return of fashion weeks, major design tradeshows, conferences and plenty of exciting new product launches. With so many of these events having been cancelled in recent years, colour and trend forecasting has been tricky... more

Black book - industry announcements

Black book

New and notable announcements from across the industry... more

What dreams

What dreams may come

Dean Johnstone makes his mark with masterful brushwork and boundless imagination.

Before we had access to the printing and laser cutting technology we rely on today, signs were made with paintbrushes wielded by the steadiest of hands. At that time, being able to create anything needed, at any scale, in a way that's endlessly repeatable would have seemed unimaginable... more

Conceal or reveal?

Conceal or reveal?

Why standing out and blending in don’t have to be at odds with one another.

Luckily, the way we colour our exteriors has been slowly evolving. It’s a change that’s only come about because of the designers, builders and painters who have wilfully campaigned to shift the perspective on how our streets could look... more

Beyond the sea

Beyond the sea

BlackWhite editor Laura Lynn Johnston shares her top tips for bringing Resene’s beautiful new limited-edition blues to your next project.

Given that vivid blues are currently experiencing something of a renaissance, I can’t think of a better time to have even more brave and bold colour options on the table... more

Show off - inspiration from museums and art galleries

Show off

Curators and designers discuss the Resene colours that allow art and artefacts to shine.

Of all the places one can seek out inspiration, art galleries and museums are among the most common locales that designers and specifiers go to top up their creative fuel tanks... more

9 questions withGerald Parsonson

9 questions with Gerald Parsonson

The NZIA Fellow shares wisdom he's garnered in the first three and a half decades of his career.

When you’re coming out of high school, it can be difficult to know what career path to pursue – especially if you feel pulled in multiple directions by different passions... more

We speak beach

We speak beach

Resene’s wash hues for interior timber bring the beauty of the beach indoors.

A growing wave of designers and clients have been seeking out ways to tap into the benefits of biophilic design... more

Spaces great and small

Spaces great and small

Gina Berney’s contemplative colour use transforms homes and hotels from modest to massive.

When you have a deep understanding and reverence for the power of colour, there are few things more disheartening than looking at real estate listings... more

New growth

New growth

Cutting edge timber tech inspires and supports innovative research headquarters in Rotorua.

As the saying goes, you are only as good as your last performance. Though it may have originated in Hollywood, it’s a sentiment that resonates with other creative sectors, too... more

Rendering a remedy

Rendering a remedy

Qun Zhang’s thesis project reimagines a contaminated site as an oasis of colour.

His aptly named thesis project, Healing, responds to the scars on the landscape from land mismanagement leading to sites of contamination too damaged for use and now left neglected... more

Bowled over - revive a historic stand

Bowled over

Solid teamwork and considered colours hit a six and revive a historic stand.

Over the decades, Wellington’s historic Basin Reserve has hosted an Olympic-like breadth of activities enjoyed by players and fans from all walks of life. But in sport, it is perhaps most well-known as the site of New Zealand’s oldest test cricket ground... more

Bold is beautiful

Bold is beautiful

Make a statement with these colourful new releases from the Resene Wallpaper Collection.

A range of wallpapers featuring thin lines, delicate swirls, floral patterns, and packed geometric designs... more

Piece of mind - Porirua as a creative playground

Piece of mind

Becca Lewis’s spritely, modular thesis concept reimagines Porirua as a creative playground.

While it’s tempting to think of play as something frivolous and unproductive, that couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter whether you consider yourself young or old, play provides all kinds of benefits... more

The art of play - an innovative museum

The art of play

A creative couple pioneers an innovative museum where kids and colour rule.

It was four years ago when Billie Georgieff and Tom Mahon were welcoming their second son that they realised something was missing: a place where their children could be boundlessly immersed in art and creativity... more

Capture - top colour and decorating trends


A snapshot of today’s top colour and decorating trends.

Colours, textures and materials that were popular in the 1970s are major design trends that reflect a collective sense of nostalgia, but today’s preference for minimalism puts them to use in more pared back ways... more

The dark side of dark colours

The dark side of dark colours

Learn how colour and contrast affect both the look and integrity of your exterior materials.

When you have a specific look in mind for the exterior of your project, it can be extremely beneficial to research the products you’re planning to specify before you or your client get too attached to the idea... more

A new school approach

A new school approach

Three designers discuss the colour and design trends shaping the way we support growing minds.

While no project typology is static, the speed and manner in which shifts occur can vary greatly, with some transforming far faster than others. When you look back at what was happening even just twenty years ago, school design has changed drastically... more

Rolling with the punches

Rolling with the punches

Passionate family and staff pull wallcovering supplier and manufacturer through its darkest hour and into a brighter future.

It was 7 May 2020 when staff at Pacific Wallcoverings received the devastating call. The whole of New Zealand had been stuck in its first Level 4 lockdown for six weeks and the standstill was enough to put the nearly 60-year-old company into liquidation... more

Walk tall - trafficable surfaces

Walk tall

When it comes to trafficable surfaces, these Resene products will have your project covered.

While the vertical surfaces on your projects are often the ones that get fanned with the most praise, it’s your horizontal surfaces that get traversed by feet, paws and wheels – which means they’re likely the hardest working element in your entire design... more

Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Eight talented architectural and interior photographers dish about DIYs, colour predictions and dream designer dinner dates.

Amanda Aitkin • Simon Devitt • Jessica Chloe Gernat • Stephen Goodenough • Holly Hawkins • Ryan McCauley • Nicole Reed • Mark Scowen... more

When it sprays, it pours

When it sprays, it pours

Despite a successful kitchen renovation, a cat flap mishap put habitat editor Emma Rawson in deep water.

“You know your renovation disaster is particularly unfortunate when the insurance company says, “wow, we should use this in one of our adverts”... more

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If you have a project finished in Resene paints, wood stains or coatings, whether it is strikingly colourful, beautifully tonal, a haven of natural stained and clear finishes, wonderfully unique or anything in between, we'd love to see it and have the opportunity to showcase it. Submit your projects online or email You're welcome to share as many projects as you would like, whenever it suits. We look forward to seeing what you've been busy creating.

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